Night of Terror

so, I’ve been on pins and needles all day with this election, right? And Markus has been working all day. So we go and get stuff for paninis and a couple of movies to chill out with. Popcorn movies, nothing that would require brain cells.

I chose Shanghais Knights and Markus chose The Day After Tomorrow. The Day After Tomorrow. can I tell you, it got my mind off the election. And on to emergency supplies and extra cat food and -20° parkas and what would we do if this ice age should hit.

OH MY GOD. I tried to explain to Markus that I really should not watch natural disaster films. or films about nuclear war or any film where people die or are about to die. In fact, Winnie the Poo is about as much suspense as I can take. You know the part where he takes the balloon up to get the honey from the honey bees and says “tut, tut, it looks like rain.” that is scary enough for me. Yessiree bob. Give me winnie any day.

One really big perk to living in Germany is the lack of natural disasters including, but not limited to, Tsunamis. I thought I was safe. I thought I could let go of the anxiety. Well, no more. The ice age is coming and I am so not prepared. At least my family in San Franscio could make it to Mexico in time.

Well, shanghi knights should bring some levity to the remainder of the night, right?


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