Tsunamis and Zombies

This morning I woke up after a nightmare about tsunamis.

I have had this fear for years since i lived in SF by the beach. The news and the events in Asia have validated my feelings, hence my dreams at night revolving around saving my cats and Markus from these waves. The fact that we live in Southern Germany makes no difference to my fear. And I did see the Day After Tomorrow and as global warming is a reality, except to Bush, one never knows when the waves will hit.

this morning was a rush of panic over our non-existent emergency supplies and the best way to save the cats? Did I put them all in one bag on my back or just let them go and hope they survived?

Markus just stared at me.

I had to explain that if a tsunami hit, I needed to save the cats. I thought that maybe we should have the big cat bag in the house, rather than the basement, because even though it would be close to 40 lbs of cat, it would be better to only have one bag and we wouldn’t have the time to run to the basement to get the bag. But then again, I probably couldn’t keep all their little heads above water. While I’m a good swimmer I also float rather well so maybe i could keep them above water. When I mentioned making little orange life jackets that supported their little bodies and heads, he walked out of the room.

I followed him out of the room and continued to talk to him about emergency rations and our plan to climb to Castle Frankenstein if we got enough warning. We can get there easily on foot and as everyone would be jumping into cars to get to higher ground, it was nice we lived so close and wouldn’t have to rely on a car. Then I figured we needed emergency water and canned food and then got into a whole diatribe about what we would need in case some horrible event happened. You know, like medical supplies and penicillin and other antibiotics.

That’s when Markus joined the conversation. His face was so earnest when he explained that we would need a shotgun and I was in full agreement. People get crazy when disaster hits. And we might need to hunt for food. Its just nice to have the protection and I was so proud that my Euro husband was coming around to my US way of thinking.

When he said a shotgun could save our lives, I was in awe of his transformation and so happy that he and I were on the same page. Then he said that nothing killed zombies better and more efficiently than a shotgun because you have to actually remove the head and destroy the brain or the zombies just keep coming.

For a moment I thought he was with me on all this.

I guess its a good idea to have one member of the family based in reality. You know, who else is going to save us from a tsunami.


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