Toothpaste OCD

Is there a support group for people addicted to toothpaste? I think i’ve mentioned, my dear crazy husband and his need for clean. Well, he moved on from walls (thank god) to teeth.

Its all my fault really. I bought this new toothpaste, Aquafresh Extreme, and he hasn’t been able to stop brushing.

He brushes in the morning when we get up and at night before we go to sleep. He brushes after breakfast and again somtime midday.

Then he’ll brush before he eats dinner because he likes the feel of clean teeth before he eats.

Then again after because he misses the feel of clean teeth.

Then at about 9 pm before his late night snack of something scrumptious, he’ll brush again.

Then the last brush of the day comes in a two parter. He’ll brush without toothpaste to remove all the build up of food since his last brushing an hour before then follow with an expansive 4 minute brushing with the super foaming action of AFE.

Finally, with raw and bleeding gums, he’ll put our oral B electric toothbrush down and go to bed, only to dream of that fanastic first brushing of the day.


6 thoughts on “Toothpaste OCD

  1. we share the base, but have different brush heads. I have to be sly to get the base before he does. And yes, better brushed than not, but the man goes through toothpaste like crazy!

  2. I think he needs to see someone. Or you guys better start saving now for his future dental work.

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