the secret that never was…

So Markus and I were at the video store this weekend. We go to this one place that is near an American army base because it has US release dates on some code one movies. Meaning we get to see them before the movies are even released in the theaters here. Well, they just got in a whole slew of TV series. This is exciting as all TV here, except for MTV and CNN, are in German. Because I live in Germany.

German TV stations get all the old US shows I used to watch, except they’re dubbed in Deutsch. Nothing is more frustrating than Law & Order or Star Trek: TNG in Deutsch. You can kind of follow it, but not really. The details are what count and those are totally lost on me. If I’ve seen the episode in English, I pretend (its not lying if its just pretending) I understand and “guess” what’s going to happen. Markus only bought this a few times.

Anyway, when my dad visited last September, he recommended Stargate Atlantis. My dad introduced me to science fiction with an old black and white flick about time travel and stepping on ants. It completely changed reality, as I knew it at 10. I’ve been a closet fan since. I mean really, growing up I never wanted to be a member of the sci-fi club except with my dad. I had other image problems; I did not need to add another. I’d go to a Star Trek convention, but I wouldn’t tell anyone. As an adult working in the IT division of an investment bank, it was still not a club I wanted to join. I kept it so much to myself even Markus was not aware how much I loved Star Trek and other sci-fi TV series. Until last Saturday night.

Saturday night, I found Stargate Atlantis (the complete first season) at the video store. As excited as I was, I coolly played it off my dad’s interest.

“So what’d you find?” Markus asked.

“Eh, Stargate Atlantis. My dad said it was decent. I thought I’d give it a try. There’s nothing else to rent.”

“Are you sure? They have Sex and the City, the 2nd half of season 6. Or the new Brigit Jones. They have a ton of princess themed teeny bopper movies you haven’t seen.” I’m also a sucker for anything that refers to a princess-like story aimed at pre-teen girls.

“Yeah, that’s okay. I’ll just get this first episode to see if I like it. No big deal. You know, got continue to be #3 with my dad.”

#3 refers to the position of love and importance in my dad’s world. My brother and I compete mercilessly for this position behind his cats, #1 Sawyer, #2 Taylor. To be #4 means you totally suck. Hear that, Jeff?

We get the movies and go home. Markus wants to work a bit more (he works from home) so I CASUALLY mention that’ll just pop in Stargate as I excitedly pop it in the DVD player and set up my cold drink and popcorn bowl next to the sofa. No big deal. Won’t waste his time if it sucks.

It so did not suck. 3 minutes after it started, Markus came in. he didn’t really want to work. By the time the first episode was over, I was hooked. I HAD to watch the rest of the season immediately regardless of the consequences of appearing too interested. I had to see the rest! Now. I need not have worried about his reaction to my deep dark secret. It apparently was not so deep or much of a secret. That came as something of a disappointment.

So off went my dear, sweet husband to fetch the rest of the season while I called my dad.


“Dad, its your daughter. I just want you to know I hate you.”

“Well, hello Jennifer. Nice to hear from you.”

“I just sent Markus to rent the rest of Stargate Atlantis. I’m totally hooked.”

All my dad could do was laugh. A comparison to my demanding mother might have been made, but I couldn’t concentrate as Markus called on the other line telling me all episodes had been rented. I hated my dad even more as he laughed about how with Sunday and Monday closed due to some random holiday involving a holy spirit, I’d not be able to see the rest until Tuesday. My dad, who hooked me on the heroin of TV genres, was still laughing as he hung up.

Markus couldn’t find the rest of the season at one video store, but found the next three discs at another. We stayed up until 2:30 am watching five episodes and only went to bed because my eyes would not stay open. Today, the video store opens at 1:30. Discs 5-11 had better be there.


4 thoughts on “the secret that never was…

  1. Celebrate the Geek in you!
    I think you should tell your fans about RPGs.
    No, not rocket-propelled grenades.

    – s-man

  2. Wow! #2, I haven’t seen the number two spot in 9 years! As long as I’m ahead of jeff, I’m good.

  3. Jen-
    suprisingly interesting. your very good at writing and i didnt find one grammatical error. Quite impressive. but really, its good stuff. and in my book it will remain “good stuff” until you start writing about me. Wait, actually I’ll tell you the offlimits areas of my life. The last 2years….knowing you and your sneaky little mind, I’ll clear those boundaries up a bit.(dont try to pull any technical b.s.) NO writing about anything since I moved away from walnut creek. Previuos years are fair game but play nice.And remember…you only have one cousin as cool as me, you dont want to lose her.Most importantly, Paybacks a bitch!

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