How do you make a Swiss man laugh?

Put a gun to his head and say, “Laugh”.

Before I moved to Germany, I disliked all people generally the same amount. Now after traveling “The Continent” I have learned that all Europeans are not alike.

The French are nice enough, if not very small people. Germans bring suffering to a high art. Austrians seem happier than the Germans; The Italians are the happiest and easiest to be around even with a language barrier.

The Swiss, and I speak generally here, are the most wretchedly cold and unhelpful people I have ever met. You smile and say hello and they grunt and turn their backs. I won’t even go into the whole anti-Semitic argument and WW2 leave your valuables with us before you hop on this nice train to Poland atrocities.

Then I read this article.

Swiss Humor Explained

Those poor damaged people. Maybe it’s from living in such an enclosed area? Or maybe it’s the altitude. Or maybe it’s the giant stick up their bums.


2 thoughts on “How do you make a Swiss man laugh?

  1. I found the Swiss so incredibly easy going, helpful, friendly, nice, charming, and likable.

    Don’t bother getting me started on the fucking french.

  2. I found the french perfectly fine. Coke and other soft drinks were a fortune- 5euros per can. And other than getting tear gassed in the metro, our parisian trip was good.

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