Q: Why Does Sparky Suck?

Push The Button

Answer: He sent me that link.


6 thoughts on “Q: Why Does Sparky Suck?

  1. Do me a favor and beat up your deutscher forfinding that andth3en yourself for spredding its evil.

  2. I remember specifically telling you NOT to push the button. I begged you not to waste your time. But nooooo, Mad Madame Mim must push the button. Don’t blame me for your failings! however, i will blame sparkitus. love you little sis.

  3. THIS is so funny! I needed that…hubby watching Atlantis and I’m too tense to watch for real…you know that feeling, don’t you?

  4. oh yes, especially with atlantis. it totally makes you feel like you’re about to die at any moment.

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