"Seeking young, well-built men aged 18 to 30 to slaughter."

The case of the Meiwes,the German cannibal, is widely known. However, what is lesser known is the story of one that got away, or rather the one that was thrown back.

Meiwes’ defense was based on the fact that several potentials were eliminated; I mean they were let go before the eating and killing part started. The sex part happened, but no body parts had been cut off before they left. Either the main course chickened out or Meiwes rejected the guy(too fat, not fat enough, a teacher). Meiwes laywer claims it isn’t murder if the victim wanted to be eaten and die – and it happened in that order.

So as part of the defense, some of the potentials were called as witnesses.

One of the guys that had to testify was a married teacher. He had never told his wife of his involvement. Can you imagine that conversation?

1. I had an affair
2. with a man who gave it to me up the bum
3. who wanted to cut off my penis and eat it
4. then kill me
5. but he ultimately rejected me.

I mean really, what do you do with that? No Kobe diamond will make it better.

I figure if he had just gone to his wife before, explained what he wanted, she probably would have been more than willing to help him live out his dream.

I know I would.


6 thoughts on “"Seeking young, well-built men aged 18 to 30 to slaughter."

  1. I don’t really know. the cannibal part was old news not so funny.
    The fuuny part is being one that was rejected. How do you get rejected by a cannibal? Apparently this cannibal was a picky eater. And then, years later have to explain the situation to your wife. I mean its not like he just liked to be spanked. HE WANTED TH BE EATEN.
    Poor guy.

  2. yea. the worst part about the real thing was that the cannibal thought the penis was too rubbery. Next time he said he wouldn’t fry it.

  3. Just imagine what’s gonna be cookin’ when –I– have to tell my wife that I’ve been visiting the “Crazy Sexy” brothel on the other side of the highway for months now… and that the extra-charges for the double-a**-fi**ing I received from Bertha the Barmaid are responsible for our dismal financial status. She could have had that Todd’s handbag three months ago…

  4. What? you mean you didn’t know that I already bought that Tod’s handbag 3 months ago? Keep at it. Bertha keeps you busy while I go shopping.

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