Calling Ms. Post

Do you always have to credit someone with a link if you find it on a blog you usually hate, but occassionally read?

This site is where I found this. And I don’t really like her. Mostly because she said ugly people get married in winter and Markus and I got married in the DEAD of winter and our wedding photos suck.


4 thoughts on “Calling Ms. Post

  1. god that girl is so painfully very. puke. but of course its fascinating and i had to look at her entire site.

    ps: you dont have to give credit unless they made whatever you’re linking. for the record best week ever linked that bunny thing too, so if you felt so compelled to link someone, use them.

  2. And thank you for sorting through the rubbish so we can get straight to the goodies without having to look at that nasty nellie’s page… Chevy Post sounds like a stripper name.

  3. That was way… too… good. There’s something about deranged, blood-thirsty and oh so cute bunnies that gets me every time.

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