One Day in September in June

We’re off to the city of Oktoberfest and Olympic terror for a couple of days.

The police have learned a thing or two since 1972. Last time we were there, riot police were out patrolling soccer hooligans. And boy did the bavarian police look mean. I guess if i were a terrorist i probably would have to take business class out of the country now.

We might hit Dachau on our way back to jazz thing up a bit.

This is what happens in Munich during the last days of September.

Father and Son bond over 7 liters of Germany’s finest. Jeff got lost soon after on his way back from the loo. Posted by Hello


3 thoughts on “One Day in September in June

  1. To be fair, I believe Jeff needed about 4 more liters for himself AFTER that before he got lost.

  2. Bit off topic, but I see you are located in Boweltown, due south of FFT….took me a while to work it out….nice one. I lived there for a couple of years.

  3. why thank you. I thought i was rather clever. we actually live in boweltown-boartown. Its a nice place. not a village and not frankfurt. How’d you like it and why the move to marburg?

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