Educating Miranda

Today my sister graduates from high school. Friday is her 18th birthday. I’m skipping my 15 yr HS reunion in September. I felt really old until my dad told me it was his 40th. I feel so much better. Thanks, Dad

Congratulations, Miss Miranda. Hope you have a great day and I totally wish I could be there.

Tips for a successful graduation ceremony:

1. Wear underwear

2. Go to the bathroom before the ceremony

3. Do not be the idiot with the beach ball

4. Do hit the beach ball if it comes your way

5. Shake under, Grab over

6. Don’t fall down the stage steps, its been done and is totally overrated

7. If you do fall, you’ll wish you listened to #1

Take the requisite grad photo with your dad and brothers or you will not live to see 18.

Does anyone else have any graduation/abi advice?


3 thoughts on “Educating Miranda

  1. I was just reading your blog and came across the entry which mentions Stargate Atlantis. If you like that, you should try to find Farscape – that is if you haven’t already seen it. It’s awesome!


  2. a few tips for mims going to college-
    1.know your alcohol limit before the first party.
    2.dont get a boyfriend to quick in college, there are a lot of people there.
    3.If you ever need money, call your brother or sister first, trust me. They are more willing and asks less questions.
    4.GO TO CLASS…maybe this should be #1, whatever.
    5.Dorms are cool the first year or two, after that get off campus. Nobody likes the crazy old person still trying to live in the glory days of dorm parties.
    6.Sex is evil dont ever have it or even think about it. EVER!!!

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