Calling all family Members

Tomorrow there is a family reunion in the WC which I am not attending because I live 6000 miles away. This is good and this is bad. Good because its always a nightmare and people end up fighting and my crazy ass relatives all drive me nuts at some point. Bad because all these relatives give me such good stories to tell and there is nothing like first hand obseration.

I’ve waited with the familial tales in order not to piss anyone off. Its really almost not worth it in my family. As much as i love them, they can be something of a pain in the ass. However, since they don’t seem to read this, i’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable in telling the tales.

This is their last chance. Let me know you’re reading and I’ll spare you. Otherwise, its Tourette’s and gang bang galore. Its about funerals and 911 delays, husbands and birthdates.

Its all in my dossiers, darlings. let me know now or its open season.

love and kisses


6 thoughts on “Calling all family Members

  1. no who cares about yours… i mean theirs. also “husbands” is a euphimism for all the millions of things i wont refer to in case they ARE reading.

  2. Lo the time comes when one finds their family with not so much distain & ridicule, but filtered thru years and the journey of life, to be cherished.DESPITE their follies and foibles, cause for gladness you lived long enough to find that maturity as did they; some never make it, you know who they are. be not bitter, but perchance it is your time for bitterness, we all have go thru that time. I wish you the acquired relish for the journey
    into the light of understanding and tolerance. as always, i give you love

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