sweet 2 yr old

sweet 2 yr old Posted by Hello


11 thoughts on “sweet 2 yr old

  1. she was so sweet and cuddly as a baby and kid. All she wanted was to be hugged and held. And she was so cute, you couldn’t help but to pick her up and carry her around.

    now she’s taller than i am, has a bigger rack and drives.

  2. that was hilarious. Sis you tell a good story. but, uh Jen. They are called “My little ponies”, and the only reason I know that is because they were the cavalery for my G.I. Joe’s

  3. jen dear, your still in multiple letters while i am in single, i think that makes you the automatic winner.

  4. I said porportionally, you have the biiger rack. You’re skinny with big boobs. And if I recall, your are barely in the single “d”igit cupsize. I’m barely in the double digit.

    boob denial, its a sad, sad thing.

  5. Well, hopefully in a while the truth will be revealed. My abnormally well endowed sis. Now yours are sooooooo much bigger. Yeah you barely in the double because your almost triple leddders

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