My New Friend, Jiminy

A cricket landed on my car today and Jiminy brought me luck. I accidentally got a job, found a potential new friend, my Amazon shipment arrived with The Killers CD I’ve been lusting after and two new books. Last but not lease, Charmed – Season Two came out AND was in stock at Media Markt.

In the spirit of learning Deutsch, I e-mailed a school to find out about classes and cost. The return e-mail asked if I knew anyone who could teach English. I offered, they accepted and I start teaching at a larger corporation next week. A few hours a week should keep me in mani/pedis and handbags. However, Deutsch lessons will be with a school who does not hire people off the interent with no experience.

The bonus is… I met my new boyfriend. Well, I’m not sure if he’s a boyfriend yet, but we definitely clicked. I have high hopes and a bit of a crush. I have dreams of shopping and cocktails. Honestly, he’s the first gay man I’ve met living here. I keep meeting men who have potential and then they turn out to be just your typical straight eurofag. So disappointing. Then there are the guys that hit on Markus at the gym, but since they’re hitting on my husband and I could crush their little Twinkie asses with my thumb, they don’t count.

My books arrived in time for me to read before I meet with my book clubs. As I skipped the last book, it would be in bad form if I skipped this one even though it’s boring. Then a great one that the Lit club reads. I don not understand why the hausfraus are checking off the classics from their lists. Hausfrau duties are boring enough without adding all’s quiet on the western front or lord of the flies.

Charmed is a guilty pleasure. Leave it alone.

Then I found out that while I’m in the City by the Bay, a very good friend will visit from the East Coast. I cannot wait to see her sorry ass as its been way too long.

Tomorrow, I’m off to eat éclairs with the French in Strasbourg, my favorite euro city outside of Berlin. The weather is just like I like it, rainy and cold. It’s wonderful. I look much better in cashmere than tank tops with sweat dripping down my face.

With everything going so right, something bad should happen, right? Maybe the universe is making everything so great right now because I’m going to die tomorrow and I’ve been a good enough person that I should enjoy my last days on earth. Or maybe something will happen to Markus, the cats, and family back home. That call I’ve been waiting for informing me my brother was in an accident will come through or my sister really will be sold into white slavery. She’s on tour in Italy right now, singing her little heart out. Excuse me; I have to go think of all the bad stuff that could happen in order for it not to happen. See how complicated good luck is?


12 thoughts on “My New Friend, Jiminy

  1. i didn’t know you thought of every possible bad scenario so it wouldnt happen. sometimes i get real complex about it. like i imagine it so it wont happen, but then i get scared that it could happen b/c i just thought of it. so i try to not think about it. but then im scared it will happen b/c im not thinking about it.

  2. there are two. the hausfrau group is reading the power and glory by graham greene. The other one, my fave book group, is a Literature Circle run by german women professors who teach english. They read the cool books. right now its A complicated kindness by Miriam Toews. the last one was Being Dead and it was terrific. And these women are all in their 60’s -70’s and a total kick in the pants. I love that group.

  3. I ended up at your blog pretty much by accident but enjoyed it a lot. Especially the Hitler was a Great Man entry. Made me laugh. ^^ I hope your German classes go well. Your German is already pretty decent, judging from some of your bilingual entries, but it could use a little bit of polishing.

  4. neil- I love the flammkuchen. Markus always gets he huge meat plates that could feed four frenchmen for a week. His fantastic metabolism keeps him full for 2 hours. I’m just sad we didn’t get to go. its the grocery shopping i love the best. Fresh fish, quiche, etc… You know, all that stuff Aldi does not carry.

  5. Jen, I was woundering, if you work one hour a week, do you still get a break and a lunch??

  6. I wanted to talk to you on the phone, jeffy, but Mim told me you had to go to bed so you could wake up at 3 am to go to work. I remember those days. It was so long ago, but I do still remember.

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