Cranky Pants

Okay, I took a little break. I just didn’t feel like touching my laptop. At all.
I didn’t even look at my e-mail.

What did I do?

I watched the second half of the charmed second season. (I feel gypped.)

I watched a Magnum P.I. DVD set. (I love the short shorts on Magnum)

I ordered a helicopter ride for my Dad’s birthday. (Inspired by Magnum)

I read Harry Potter in a day. (It was just okay)

I read Stephanie Plum, eleven on top in a few hours (funnier than her last few)

I re-read A Complicated Kindness (3rd time and i still cry at the end)

I went to a book group (Felt all smart and educated. Hard to do in germany)

I ate Greek food. (not bad, but it’s not Mexican.)

I went shopping at an American Army base. (Went overboard on reading materials)

I introduced Sparky to Raspberry Zingers. (He giggled upon eating one.)

I taught a class. (Singular.)

I bought a bottle of absinthe for my dad. (hope the customs officals aren’t reading)

I bought a comforter for my sister. (the only way she should keep warm in NY)

I shuttled Markus to and from the gym without a single workout for myself. (All Right!)

Took both cats to the vet… AGAIN! (Kiska has to have daily shots which i have to give her)

I got the washing machine fixed and have yet to do a single load. (It aint’t going

I cleaned the cat piss off the floor of the cathouse twice. (CLEO!!!)

I napped. (Reading is a tough job)

I made a big pot of pasta because I didn’t want to cook. (Ate like a pig)

I made meatballs the size of my fist. (I was too lazy to make more, smaller.)

I made choc. chip cookie dough. (Then decided it was too much work to make the cookies.)

I ate choc. chip cookie dough.(Until I got sick.)

I drove fast and wasted gas. (It was fun and pissed sparky off)

Sparky would deny this, but I’ve been something of a cranky pants for the last few days. I think we are all better for the lack of posts.


4 thoughts on “Cranky Pants

  1. Glad you’re back! Man, you accomplish more in a few days than I could in 5 years! I’ve been a bit of a cranky pants myself lately. Must be the weather.

  2. I’ve been a cranky pants today. Master wasn’t pleased. He fussed at me, then held me. Now I’m not so cranky. I’m easy, really.

  3. Yeah, I’m easy too. Sparky will tell you that I’m the easiest person to have around and to love. I’m his schmoopy… from hell! he should learn though, ALWAYS keep chocolate in the house. It cheaply elevates moods.

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