Speedy Gonzales

Markus lost his license for 4 weeks for going too fast near München earlier this year. That means I’m chauffeur extraordinaire. It’s usually a good idea anyway because I’m the better driver. He’s the better parker. By that I mean he parks without getting parking tickets. I can park with the best of them, I just usually choose places that have the potential to be real spaces. I call it creative parking. He and his army of polizei call it illegal. Germans and their specific specifications.

However, getting up at 6 am to take him to the train without a coffee stop is just mean. Really, here I am, hauling my ass outta bed at an ungodly hour, driving his sorry ass to the train in Frankfurt so he doesn’t have to sit with the bullies on the Darmstadt train and I get NO coffee. Its cruel, really.

On the way home my eyes were crossing and I missed my exit and ended up at the airport. I think my auto pilot is still set for San Francisco.

Anyway, Sparky is gone and I have a day of peace and quiet to nap clean.


9 thoughts on “Speedy Gonzales

  1. Toi be perfectly honest, I lost the license on purpose. It was so easy, too.

    I just love to be chauffeured! it’s one of my secret sexual fetishes that I will hereby come out of the closet with

  2. Markus! Oh yeah baby. I know all about your fantasy that a sleeply cranky woman with her hair pulled into a ponytail, unbrushed, and a flip flops. I try to be GGG. Now put on those purple pygmy party pants.

  3. because we were too late. He promised to buy me coffee in Frankfurt, but as usual, we were running late. So rather than drive through the city with a coffee stop, we drove directly to the station. I can’t make coffee to sace my life, so i was really looking forward to it.

  4. @Jen: pleaze morr of thet kewl Speedie Gonzalez Pix! Markus is very kräss as a toon karacter!

    @Markus: biste mi’m Mercedes zu schnell gefahren? Du weißt ja: willste im Mercedes standesgemäß fahren, mußte chauffiert werden!

  5. @jen: yepp. markus gave me some money to empty the cat’s litter on a daily basis ;-)…

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