Somthun amatta wich you?

You know, we’ve had great weather… until I opened my big fat mouth.

When I say great weather, I don’t mean sunny skies and soaring temps. I do not mean the type of weather that is perfect for bike rides and strolls along a lake.

I think great weather is cool, overcast and rainy. Did I move to the right country or wha? And that’s what we had until two night ago. Sparky and I were gettin all snuggly two nights ago, the door open and a nice cold breeze drifting over my face. We started fighting for the duvet because it was really cold. The first nice summer since I’ve been here.

I mentioned something about not wanting to put the comforter in a cover because the moment I did, I knew the weather would change and I wanted it to hold until I left for the land of A/C and environmental waste.

BOOM. The very next day, BAM, sunny and hot. F**k! Now i have to walk around with a fan tied to my ass just to keep cool.

On another note, Sparky and I just watched 2 episodes of the Sopranos and I can’t get the jersey accent outta my head. Even my body language is starting to resemble Tony. I could never be a Jersey wife. In my head, I’m all Tony. I’m something of a pussy when it comes to beating people up in reality. In my head, not so much ofa problem. I swear, I musta been an Italian ina past life or somthun cause I’m really getting’ inta the whole theng.

Don’t make me do it, Carm.


3 thoughts on “Somthun amatta wich you?

  1. I have the same problem, I suffer the warm weather like anyone. I have the fortune to live in Italy, you know, 35 degrees now and 80% humidity, really sweet after a couple of beers…I always start wondering whether the pints fell over the shirt or it is just sweat…
    I’ve too thought about a fan tied to the ass, but it was a bit unpractical when I tried it

  2. I love cold beer in the heat. Its almost better than a strap-on fan.

    Riding a bike through the streets of Rome after drinking one or two sounds so exciting. Did it cool you down?

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