Victim of Humor

Okay, Sparky was a little out of it last night. And I have been totally busy out here.

I got in on Wednesday night to the news that my 18 yr old sister was to have surgery today to remove a very large tumor involving her ovary. Things are a little messy right now. She came through the surgury just fine, and her prognosis is good. We find out biopsy results in a few days.

During this time, one would think that negativity and sadness would be a problem. Its not. Its our laughter that seems to cause the most pain.

Jeff and I went to visit her tonight. It was a very painful experience. It was painful because we could not stop laughing and Mirnada cannot laugh. The incision across her gut makes any sort of stomach clentching or movement torturous. Jeff and I were killing ourselves not to make jokes that would hurt our sister’s literally busted gut. Jokes were flying around the room unspoken from the two for one surgery special since they removed her apendix along with the tumor etc… Then the choice of wall art in the hallway to flowers to leggings they put on Mim to prevent blood clots. The longer we looked at our little sister in the hospital bed, looking so pale and drugged, the more jokes came to mind. Jeff and I were afraid to make eye contact lest a joke be understood via sibling telepathy. Jeff and I sat there, staring around the room, desperately trying to make humorless conversation. We failed.

Every single thing we brought up had about 100 different punchlines.

Our downfall came when talking about animals in the zoo. I brought up a fun fact about beavers; The leading cause of death among beavers is falling trees. The moment this was out of my mouth, I knew we were in trouble. It was just a fun fact. Had Jeff and I not been holding in mountains of laughter and punchlines, it wouldn’t have ended so tragically, but we were and it did.

Jeff succumbed to the giggle loop first. He just lost it. He set me off and I set Miranda off. Miranda hit the morphine button like she was Whitney Houston. Jeff and I had to leave. We actually had to leave because we could not control ourselves and we were really causing Miranda pain.

For those who have seen “coupling”, you will recognize the giggle loop. My poor sister is cursed with wise cracking siblings who simply have nothing to say to someone who cannot laugh. We failed her.

So, before we go for our visit tomorrow, we will have to read up on humorless news and stories.

I think I will start with the one about the girl who had stitches after a long surgery and her siblings couldn’t stop laughing because if they did, the tears would not stop and they would drown the world.


8 thoughts on “Victim of Humor

  1. Think German……you gotta think German…..that should stop the humour.
    But seriously hope your sister makes a speedy recovery.

  2. I remember when I was recovering at the hospital after my appendectomy. The Dean Martin Roast infomercial was on t.v. I was laughing so hard that the nurse came in to see if I was okay. She said that I couldn’t have anymore morphine for awhile. And, I loved those leggings! When the nurse said that I didn’t need to wear it any longer, I protested since the leg massage felt good.

    Speedy recovery to Miranda! Give me a call Jen if I can do anything to help out. SB has my #.

  3. Here’s to her getting well soon!! 😀

    (and my god come back and post so I don’t have to see booty girls again *insertprisontypecryinghere*)

  4. Hey!

    I’m a german but or maybe that’s why I love your blog! It’s so much fun reading about how Germans “are”!

    I think I’ll come over more often now….

  5. i knew that you were too funny for your own good.
    hope you’re having a good trip otherwise. good thoughts for your sis.

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