Around this time.

Jen will be back.

But she won’t post until Wednesday, I guess.
All you Jet-set people know how much of a drag
the West-East-Jetlag is!


8 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. lol @ haddock.


    Glad to hear you got back safely 😀 can’t wait to see photos of beautiful SF if you took some!

  2. So, did she get home safely with the adorable kitten?

    I get horrible jet lag both ways. Bleh. Lasts for a week every time.

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the concern and good wishes :). Jen is rather jet-lagged and cuurently sleeping on our couch…
    after a flight from hell (“next to a portly German man in the second to last row of peasant class”), misplaced luggage (“we’ll see when it arrives”) and our resident cats not taking very well to the new kitten (“hissssss….”)

    Wait for her posting about to come inthe next 24 hours!

    – sparky

  4. Hey!

    I’m glad to hear you’re back!

    I don’t know about that jet lag thing cause the last time I travelled to the States or back has been more than 5 years ago and I can’t quite remember how I felt after the lfight!

    I just wanted to let you know that I linked you on my blog. I you don’t want me to just tell me and I’ll remove the link!


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