Jeff’s Final Contribution

So when I got to San Francisco, I came prepared with a Canon 35mm and an old Kodak digital. The kodak was/is on its last legs and difficult to use.

Lo and Behold, my sweet brother had a fanastic little sony dig. I immediately took possession. I mean, really, as an older sister, it is my duty to rid jeff of fun toys and expesnive doodads.

After about 10 days he offered to sell it to me, half off. As he’s a lot bigger than me now and I really hate the spit torture I ended up buying it from him. He went and bought a bigger shinnier sony. The following is a photo essay Jeff took using his new machine.

No animals were hurt in the making of this essay.


7 thoughts on “Jeff’s Final Contribution

  1. petting myself is not something i would share with my sister, however “pretending” to poop i would and is what i was dong. my first pictures on my new camera. good stuff

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