Candy is Dandy

Sparky and I were just discussing how i finished off my smuggled bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in like 2 hours after getting home. And it was big bag.

Now I’m sad because I have a craving and i can’t fix it. No, the ones in Walmart or Minimal don’t count. The peanut butter part is all dried out. I need the mini ones. Know what I’m talking about?

So, I have a question.

What American candy do you miss?


6 thoughts on “Candy is Dandy

  1. Big Red gum!

    They have it here, but it is NOT the same.

    It tastes like a lame 5 cent gumball… kind of sugary and weak. None of that cinnamon fireball-ish bite!

    And the Big Red you get here is white, not red. That’s not right.

  2. Jolly rancher watermelon or apple flavour. Not the wrapped candy but the long, hard strips that cut your gums when you suck them too thin.



    now I cry :((

  3. When I was in Florida in 2000 the only thing I remember is that even the Cornflakes were way too sweet for me. Later in I don’t know 2002 I ate some other American candy and it was again too big too sweet and way too….uhm…bapig! (This is some Hessisch dialect wirtten in a more German way ;)…I’m sorry!)

    All I liked about the groceries in the US was that they were big…no they were huge!
    So, can anybody tell me what you love about the US candy?
    Ok, maybe you like it if you really grow up with it….I don’t know!

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