The Doctor’s Wife

I have a theory.

After years (2) of observation, I think the entire state of Hessen employs exactly ten road workers. And after years of observation, I’ve concluded these ten workers work Monday thru Thursday closing driving lanes all over Hessen. Then on Friday, they flip a coin to decide which of the 7541 worksites that they busily added to earlier in the week to work on. After the coin toss, its time for lunch. At 14:00 when lunchtime is over, they work very diligently until quitting time, 16:30.

Today’s weather is so like San Francisco, sunny and windy and a little crisp. If the sky had been two shades bluer, I wouldn’t have known the difference. The sky is one of the things I miss the most living here. The sky and burritos.

Today was the first hint of autumn I felt this year. Finally, the summer is over.

Today was the first time I’ve felt… relaxed? since I’ve been back.

Today, I was totally the Dr.’s wife.

The Dr.’s wife is something my GBF and I would dream about long ago when I was a swinging single girl and he wasn’t a Papa. To be a Dr.’s wife, one cannot work outside the home. It driving a nice car and flower arranging. It includes running errands in beautiful shoes and cashmere sweaters. It might have involved cooking, but that was never the kind of wife I wanted to be. I always wanted someone else to cook. It involved perfect makeup and coiffed hair. Another requirement I can never fulfill. My hair is always messy five minutes after I comb/style it.

I got up early, showered, dressed, kissed Markus goodbye as he left for business meetings. I had Dr.’s wife errands to run: the post office, dry cleaning, flowers, grocery shopping. And the sky was so blue and the wind removing more than a kiss of warmth from my skin. I drove around with the top down on my car and wasted gas. Just a little. And finally the clothes I look the best in are appropriate to the weather, my jeans, white t-shirt, cashmere v-neck sweater and snakeskin pointy flats. Even my red handbag looked good.

I made my secret recipe meatballs and pasta sauce this morning and let it simmer all day. I made brownies from scratch earlier so the house (clean from top to bottom) smells of warm brownies.
I watered all the plants, deadheaded the roses and put away all the laundry. I made lunch and cleaned up the crumbs before I ate. I never do that. If Markus could ask for one thing in a wife (other than kylie’s ass), it would be this woman, this day. I’m never this woman.

It was just one of those days were the stars aligned correctly and left me feeling complete in someway. Like I wasn’t waiting for something else, some other tragedy or heartbreak, some other life altering move, accident or ironic twist of fate. I felt like everything was okay, like I didn’t have to worry.

I held on to that feeling for the entire length of Kate Ryan’s “If I Only”. Then I got back to worrying. I mean, really, how long can a day like today last if I don’t worry


11 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Wife

  1. Wow, I haven’t had a day like that in years (professional worrywart at your service). Good for you for taking advantage of it while it lasted and here’s to more of the same for tomorrow.

  2. Sounds fantastic 🙂 My mother is that woman and it was always so hard for me because I thought I wanted to be like that….but I’m just not.

    My house is almost always chaotic. But I do cook from scratch 2 hot meals a day and bake every time we run out of what I baked before. That’s only because I LIKE cooking. It’s more for me than him actually.

    My hair…..that’s a whole other story 😦

  3. Well I’m nobody’s wife so I can’t say word word about that in here….but your day there sounds a bit like Bree van de Kamp, hey no offense…I mean it in a nice way, yeah?

    Even if I’m nobody’s wife me hair…no comment! hehe

  4. no offense taken. Since I no longer work, except for that one hour a week, I would love to be bree. I’m just more of a lynette kind of gal and i don’t have kids. these days happen so rarely that i have to write about it. Its like seeing the northern lights when you live in vegas.

    I’m usually ready to pop the ridalin taking care of markus. And its not that hard, i just suck at being a housewife.

    I like to say that my mother raised me for better things, but she didn’t. She just married men who could cook and keep her in housekeepers. Now Markus must suffer.

  5. that’s funny…my husband wishes i had an ass like kylie’s too. glad to see i am not alone in this world. love your site, by the way. -mama jens

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