Cleo is famous!

Check out Cleo as she models this years latest in Business Casual wear at StuffOnMyCat.

She wants thank all the little people, including those morons who put pink post-its all over her. Geez, everyone knows pink is just not her color.


9 thoughts on “Cleo is famous!

  1. poor cat…:( Kidding..I love this pics…I don’t wanna know about how they got rid on the pink post- its….. poor kitten….

  2. ask and you shall receive.

    We’ve got the picture, i just have to get up the guts to post my husband naked with post-its posted in the postit spots.

  3. Another poll:
    Should Jen post those pics of me? Or even a video with a little song and dance:

    – I am currently fat
    – it might shock some viewers by sheer surreality

    – Lots of comments are likely
    – It IS actually funny as shit
    – The wonder twins would scream
    – the song’s lyrics contain “My wife has total control over me…”

    So what say you, dear readers?

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