Would you like a Post-It?

Something you should know about me. I torture those I love. This is what happens when I have too much free time and Sparky just wants me to shut up. Apparently, I have the ability to drive people mad.

I debated putting this on the Internet because; well, because he’s only wearing Post-Its. Then I thought of our lives before we were married. I’m sure there are MANY pictures of my love out there. At least in this one he’s covered up.

The Post-It craze in our house is officially over. Back to our regularly scheduled program.


15 thoughts on “Would you like a Post-It?

  1. I have to say, the video is REALLY funny. But there might be too much “floppage”. He sings this song about how his wife has control over him and she can make him do anything. Then he does a two step shuffle.

    I have to say, life is never boring around here and I’m so happy to have someone like sparky who can always make me laugh even at his own expense.

  2. Cathy: He’s currently out of town, but I left him a voicemail on his cell phone. Last I checked, he was fine with it. The boy gets naked everywhere so I don’t think this will bother him.

    Nuala: You’re on, girl. I’m quite good with post-its.

  3. … and only a slight farmer tan. Considering how many Germans proudly sport socklines… I congratulate you. (nod of respect)

  4. Megan: Long ago I converted Sparky to the concept of a Sperry deck shoes for summer wear. It wsa a dififcult job requiring lots of forethought and planning. No socks needed.

    Actual: Pink was on sale when I bought them for actual note-type use. It was either light pink or hot pink. Markus is more of a light pink kinda guy.

    WT: Like I EVER get to put the star on the tree as it is. And did my sweet sister use the word “hell”?

  5. I have in my possesion a picture of my ex-husband in compromising potions with a cardboard cut out of Shaq in bed. It just goes to show you, men will do anything we say haha.

  6. THIS is all and ever what PETER M. GLANTZ stands for – in one person – in one universe! I have to watch this picture now by hours!!!

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  8. I know the above is spam, but i just can’t help but to leave it. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

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