School Days

Today I start my German class.

It’s funny because last night I talked to one of my oldest friends from High school. I haven’t spoken to her since high school, but we’ve been exchanging emails for a couple of months. Our 15-year high school reunion was in September and the girl (now woman) who arranged the whole thing sent out a contact list.

Now I have to say, high school was not my best period. For some reason I decided I would look great with bangs and a really bad perm. When the perm fell out, I decided crimping was the way to go. Crimping? What was I thinking?

I’m sure it was because I couldn’t see right. My saucer sized red acrylic glasses might have had something to do with it. It might have been the gleam of my braces competing with the copious amount of rhinestones on my denim jacket or my sweaters or my t-shirts. I was big into rhinestones. This does not bode well for my wardrobe as an old woman. I’m sure I’ll be one of those festive sweater wearing old ladies, a good-taste-forgotten-with-time kind of old lady

Anyway, Darline was a fabulous friend through the whole thing. UNTIL SHE MOVED!

She and I gabbed forever last night and it was like we just picked up where we left off, talking about classmates and who was a total whore and who was dating whom. Except now, it’s who married who and how many kids do they have and was rehab involved and she had a baby gurgling in the background.

The reason this is appropriate is that I have the same amount of anxiety for this class that I had for all of high school. College was fabulous and I never had such anxiety. It might be because other than a random math class I NEVER passed in college, I loved my college classes. I never felt the pressure of having to pass a class or the big hatchet in the sky would fall and split me apart as I stood screaming beneath it, watching and waiting for my demise. I definitely felt like that in high school.

I took German in high school before I switched to Spanish because I just couldn’t get it. I’ve tried to learn German on my own as an adult. I know all my body parts, fruit and numbers. I have no idea what three-year-old children say to me, but how many times a day do I talk to a three year old.

I really want to learn German. I really want to be able to communicate with more than hand gestures. I really want to go home at Christmas and have a complete conversation with Markus in German in front of the Wonder twins so they have no idea what I’m saying. I really want to speak better than my stepfather who also took German in high school and retained everything.

So on that note, I’m off to my class. And I’m taking my lucky feather.


13 thoughts on “School Days

  1. You just described me in high school, except for the rhinestones, which weren’t allowed with the school uniform. But the acrylic glasses in brown – mmm), the braces and the perm? Yup.

    Knock em’ dead today in German class!

  2. C: Thanks! I didn’t knock ’em dead, but they’re definately roughed up a bit.

    Class was good and sparky was waiting for me out front. Then he took me for a burger. It was a good day.

    Did you have blazers with big shoulders too?

  3. Ready! OK!

    Jen’s so cool
    Jen’s so fun
    She’ll speak German good as Anyone!

    She can do it!
    I really know it!
    And if you don’t believe me, you can stow it!

    Gooooooooooo Jen!

    (I’ll be your personal cheerleader, Jen! *wink* Picture me with big fluffy pompoms, wearing nothing but post-its.)

  4. Honestly I don’t remember how I learned that language. I mean all the irregular stuff and so on. Still I know how to speak properly. I think English for instance is much easier to learn than German….sein, haben whatsoever!

    I really respect those who learn English as a foreign language.

    So maybe you’ll be able to impress the wonder twins at Christmas. Even if you speak about the weahter you can tell them you’re talking about something very smart. They don’t understand anyway! *lol*

  5. I’m so glad the class went well, but if try to to speak german with markus to annoy jeff and i i might justmhave to form my own secret list of recent developments in science or stupid things in scientology and ask dad about them in front of sparkle motion. Just wait and see how quickly your chit chat ends BWAHAHAHAHA. How about the higs particle? I love you highchair.

  6. Yay for german lessons! 🙂

    (actually that was me just trying to be supportive and encouraging)

    I ended up learning German on my own because the teacher I had when I signed up for a class was crap.

    But I’m sure it’ll go better for you! I just hate school you know?

  7. I’ve tried the home tape course – no go.

    I’ve tried interactive CD’s – no go.

    I’ve tried only speaking German with my german wife – no go.

    I start intensive german classes in Cologne on November 28th – we’ll see.

    Good luck with yours …

  8. I’ve given up learning German. I am now on a personal mission to teach everyone English.
    My childs school Headmistress descibed English the other week as the Neu Deutsch….how true is that!!

    ps – I am also lazy! 🙂

  9. I work with a VERY serious German man and I must say I have had HOURS of fun simply with the title of your blog 🙂 so make sure you post some funny phrases/words when you learn them .. IF you get to learn them !

  10. Only ever had one lesson, and have to agree completely with Mr. Haddock. We are missionaries, here to teach the primitive natives how to speak English.
    Good luck in your mission to learn German to be able to use it for your own nefarious purposes in other countries though. But personally, far too often I’ve pointed out someone to my companion in Britain and said something like “Bwoah! Schau mal die an! Wieviel wiegt sie, komm schatzt mal – 120, 130 kilo?” and have said person turn round and be from Cologne and not entirely happy.

  11. N: YOU ROCK!
    Mim: Nice try, I shall prevail.
    BB: Intensive seems to be the way to go. I’m not forgetting anything between lessons and is waaay better than the VHS class i tried.
    Had&Act: How do you work without Deutsch?
    Act: Exactly why i want to learn.
    Jillbyj: See next post.
    Belina: did you actually learn german? On yout own? wow. I’m way too much of a bonehead.

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