Mutti Sonntag and Poop

Yesterday afternoon was Mutti Sonntag. Sparky and I went to see our Mutti yesterday afternoon. Now, Mutti and I have had our issues, but for the last year or so, we’ve become fast friends. Sundays used to torture me, but now I just enjoy the coffee, cake and subsequent meal. She always makes something delish that I just can’t stop eating.

We walk to the cemetery towards the end of our visit to say hello to Mutti’s parent and Sparky’s dad. This was a weird thing for me. I think I’ve been to my mom’s grave once outside of her funeral. I feel like I think about her ever single day, I certainly don’t need to stand above the ground she’s buried in. It was a horrible day, a horrible event and a horrible, horrible, horrible “feeling” memory. I don’t want to remember that, I don’t want to revisit.

Mutti visits almost everyday. She changes the plants with the seasons. She talks to her late husband daily and gets comfort from the space. It makes her feel good when Sparky and I pop around to say hi. So we did.

It could have been just a normal day, just a normal walk, but I discovered something right out of the door.

Hedgehog poop. Who knew Hedgehogs pooped?

Yes, yes, every animal has to poop, but I figured it’d be more like rat poop or bunny poop. Small pellets found in small spaces kinda poop. But no, it is in fact a big poop resembling a mix between cat poop and fish poop. At first you might blame it on the neighbors cat not remembering that cats like to dig and bury. Then it might be some errant ankle-biting dog. The pile is small so it rules out that pesky German Shepard, but the poop itself is tubular, like a fish, not pinched off like a puppy.

It flabbergasted me, I just had never thought of hedgehogs as the squat and leave it type of animal and here was a big (for a hedgehog) pile of poop. Amazing.

I’m a girl form Cali.forn.ya. We don’t have hedgehogs. The first time I saw one roll across the street I thought that was how they moved. It was charming. Then I found out they only roll when scared. I related. Then I saw a mama and some babies walking down the side of one of the fields. At 33 years old, to get excited by new animals that are as common as squirrels is just ridiculous I know, but man, I gotta love the hedgehog.

So, I hereby christen October 9th “The Day of The Hedgehog”.

Oh and October 7th was the anniversary of Sparky and my first date. He was weird, but hot. I had plans to use him like a Kleenex. He had other plans. We’ll never figure out just who caught whom, but at this point it so doesn’t matter. I’m committed to Sparkle Motion.


7 thoughts on “Mutti Sonntag and Poop

  1. You’re talking shit again! 🙂

    I’ll be on the look out for hedgehog poop now, and with the indepth info that I now have, I feel confident that I will be able to identify the poop correctly should I ever find some.

  2. Aww, Sparky’s Mutti is adorable. Older German people seem to have this need to visit their deceased relatives’ graves regularily. My in-laws do it all the time – with the seasonal flowers and the watering and the making sure everything’s OK.

    We have hedgehogs swinging through our garden all the time but I have NEVER seen them poop. Or else I have and thought it was the neighbour’s cat again. Have you ever heard hedgehogs snuffling around outside at night? We first heard it when we moved into this house and both of us were afraid to get out of bed to go see what it was. It was that freaky.

  3. While hedgehog poop on the concrete path in the back garden was a common sight back in New Zealand, I stand and watch in amazement whenever I’m strolling around London and chance upon a squirrel. They’re so cute! And guilty-looking!

    Your mystery pooper seems to have a substantially different diet to the Erinaceidae from my grandmother’s neighbourhood. The output seems to be lighter in colour and more smoothly tubular in appearance.

    I can’t believe I just said that.

  4. Had: But this is cool poop. Cool poop always has a place on this blog.

    C: I’ve never heard them. Our loft is 2/3rd floor, no snuffling sounds can be heard form here. If its is that disturbing, I’m glad because i would totally freak out.

    Squirt: Squirrels were a dime a dozen where i grew up, i love ’em. Cleo used to bring me squirrel tails all the time. I’d find the bodies strewn around my patio and balkon. I was really mixed on it. Proud of cleo, sad for the poor tail-less corpse. But then it must be natural selection because cleo is fat and slow. If she can catch you, you almost deserve to be caught.

    Mim: great, IE finally worked. Imagine. Switch to Firefox, kid.

  5. Oh yesss… hedgehog poop. We have a lot of it around here. My neighbour told me to keep my cat out of her garden because my cat poops in it…. it was hedgehog poop…it wasn’t burried and looked just like the poop in your pic. :o)

  6. Very good. If I can free one cat from the injustice of unburied poop anger, i will have lived a fufiled life.

    Hedgehogs are really good for a garden so, your neighbor should be delighted.

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