Motivation = Coffee

If I had known about coffee in college, there is a whole class of drugs I might never have tried.

If I do homework alone, do I have to pretend to be motivated? Its like I need someone to be there to prove that I’m motivated. If its just me, forget it, there’s no need for the ruse. I’m tired and I’ve been dreaming in deutsch. Yesterday, after class, Sparky and I went to the gym. I found myself counting in deutsch automatically.

Sparky is out of town again and I have no one but the farting phantom to check my homework.

Mim is in Chemo and I’m about to call her. There’s there something just not right with hearing the word pediatrics connected to the word chemotherapy. It’s a heart pain.

Fin is currently using my leg (clothed) as a ladder and Cleo is using my arms for pillows. I’m a total doormat for these cats. I’ll be giving up my real pillow for Cleo in a few minutes when I hit the sack. Doesn’t matter tonight. I never sleep well when Sparky is gone.

I’m putting off studying my verbs. I’m totally unmotivated. I offered to help Sweet Cheeks with her work today. I have no idea what I was thinking. She’s been quiet since the broken arm. We’ll see how it progresses. That weird dude picked her up again. He’s so creepy. The secret agent in me wants to find out who he “really” is. The scaredy cat in me (the rational part) tells me to leave it alone and not get involved. The creepy dude is really creepy. So much so I wouldn’t dare attempt a secret photo to show you how creepy creepy can be. I’m so not smooth nor subtle. He’d cut me for sure.


5 thoughts on “Motivation = Coffee

  1. Bloody ell….dreaming in German. You’ll be a natural in the lingo soon. Mrs H. says she knew when she became fluent in English because she started to dream in English.
    I have never had a dream in German 🙂

  2. Oh god, I think and dream in German all the time. I can’t even tell the difference any more. It’s awful.

    Send your homework over here – I’ll do it for you!

    Did I miss something? Sweet Cheeks broke her arm? You sure have a colourful class going on there. In most of the classes I was in, I was usually the oldest so I got to be everyone’s mom.

    Hope Mim is doing OK. You’re all so brave.

  3. I love you!
    Sleep better tonight and don’t try anything funky with Sweet Cheeks’ Onkel. Maybe a photo with the spy phone, but nothing more… ;).

  4. C: thanks. I thought about e-mailing you, but it was a big long worksheet and i didn’t know how to get it to you. trust me. I will be calling on you in the future.

    Had: It was more of a nightmare. Lots of german words and none of them made sense. i think its more about the total immersion (4 hrs of class, 4 hrs of homework)than my talent. But it is coming along. I just need a bier and i can start speaking with people.

  5. Hey Jen,

    but you’ll be a _real_ German only in that case, if you start dreming in “FRAKTUR” language ;-)… I guess, Sparky can tell you what I mean :-)! Good luck with your German lectures!

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