All Thumbs

I have short thumbs. I think of them as petite. If thumbs had clothes, I could shop in the petite department and that would be hot. Add a bit of coke and some boots and I have the Kate Moss of thumbs. While they’re small, they are perfectly formed and are a favorite amongst my digits.

This is what my short thumbs say about me, according to the very specific science of palmistry.

Short Thumb- Such persons do not work with their own mind instead do so at the influence of others. Emotions have prominent place in their lives than intelligence. They take special interest in poetry, painting or music.

Flexible and Supple Thumb- A person with such a thumb is much interested in amassing wealth and is capable of adjusting according to circumstances.

Acute- Angled Thumb- Thumbs which make an acute angle at the joint with the index finger come under this category. The lengths of such thumbs are comparatively smaller and look clumsy. Such thumbs are classed as of evil quality. Persons with this kind of thumb are frustrated throughout their lives. They are very lazy. They do not complete any work. They remain in bad habits with lavish spending. They are less interested in religion and are more inclined towards ghosts, spirits and the like. They are always attracted towards the other women in life.

Wow, its like it was written just for me.

In order to hide this faulty evil quality, one might decide to cut off such telling phalanges. According to the site, one should be careful when contemplating thumbocide.

According to medical sciences, no harm is done for the individual if the four figners are cut off. But if the thumb is torn and there is profuse bleeding then the person might go insane and even results in his death.

This site was slightly nicer in terms of short thumbs. I’m simply a weak person capable of spending lavish amounts of money.

Huh, I think I’ll stick with Tarot cards.


10 thoughts on “All Thumbs

  1. glad my thumbs are obtuse and flexible. i scoff at you poor, short-thumbed souls. long live the ‘gentle thumb’…

  2. Everyone should have his very own 3 mtrs. thumb – placed centrally into the living room. Freakin’!

  3. Sitting here staring at my thumbs … I guess I’m sort of a longish spotted thumb type … What about the moons? Do your thumbs have them?

  4. yes, more so than my fingers. Lovely moons. Spotted? as in freckled?

    Irish Kraut: Sparky would love a 3 meter thumb in our house but we might have to lose the sofa, wouldn’t want to give the impression that anyone actually lives here.

  5. @Jen: after your cats worked out that sofa (in some months ;-)), that should be THE replacement!

  6. yes, the cats are destroying the white leather ligne roset sofas in short order. As soon as they’re gone, its all thumbs. And you know, it couldn’t be any less confortable. 🙂

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