RatBoy and Trekking in Switzerland

Sent to me by an old friend, M. It might take a little while to load, but its worth it. (My friend M is not ratboy. It’s in the clip.)


M is also looking for some info. He wants to go trekking in Switzerland. As my trekking experience is limited to the word Star and Convention, I was hoping someone out there would have some info for him. Trails or cool places. He’s a seasoned traveller, ex-expat and an experienced trekker. It’s Switz or Chile and as I’d like to see him, I’m hoping for Switz.


6 thoughts on “RatBoy and Trekking in Switzerland

  1. Rat Boy freaked me out and I knew he was coming. I wonder if people try to sue the show after they’ve been freaked out like that.

  2. Hey, if you let me know more specifically what you’re looking for I can try to find it on the local sites here. Drop me a mail.

  3. Jen … Thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment…

    I know you’re right about getting my head in the right place about the move and for most of the time it is … and in fact I’m excited about the move and would like it to just be done already.

    Then there are days, when the sun is shining just so, and something catches my eye and I think – damn I love New York and I’m going to be just insanely sad when that jet clears New York airspace.

    I’ll get over it … And thanks again for the kick in the pants!


  4. S: I would. It would take years off my life. Sparky walks quietly into a room and a scream. Scare tactics is wholly unnecessary.

    M: I don’t think I’ve ever heard jeff scream in fright. Huh. We’ll have to work on that.

    S: Thank you so much. Looks like Mr. M might take off for Costa Rica instead. However, I’ll e-mail you if he decides to come this way again. thanks so much!

    R: No problem. Its been really hard work for me to keep my chin up. German lessons are really helping. It opens the world back up again. I feel like i did when i first got glasses. The world had been so cloudy before. I’m seeing the leaves in the trees again.

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