Brought to you by the letter S

I’m 33 years old. I’ve known my ABCs since I was three. I write daily, I read constantly. I’ve edited. I’ve gone to college. I’ve worked in the banking industry. I look down my nose at those who move their lips while reading.

Why can I not remember that R comes before S without singing the alphabet song.

I think its because S is the superior letter. Really, R has nothing on S and I guess in my mind S should therefore come before R. This does not mean that I think all the letters before R are better than S. This is an R/S only thing.

This is really making my German/English dictionary usage difficult. And my classmates are getting tired of the noise. Abcdefg hijkelemenopee qurs… The tune does not work in german, either.

I have a test on Friday that I need to pass in order to move on to the next level. Therefore, blogging time is in short supply this week.

Bloggers meet up was really fun. Green Haddock and his wife are wonderful hosts. Christina is as sweet in person as she is in type. And J, well, J is either the nicest man I’ve ever met or a serial killer. He’s that charming and disarming.

Those who missed it really missed out. I mean really missed out. All the bloggers that showed up received 1000€. Now aren’t your really sad you didn’t get up early?

German Lesson for the day: (Graffiti found in Marburg) Mein Boppes beliebt jungfrau = My bum stays virginal.


9 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter S

  1. Don’t make me jealous 😦 I cry.

    Forget the money lady, hand over the Reeses….J said you brought some *sigh*

    and actually, the tune DOES work with the german alphabet lol

    ah beh tsee deh eh eff gay, ha ee yot kah el m n oh peh, koo err es, teh ooo fow, veh ix upsilon und tzed

    bam! now, hand over the chocolate or the tune gets even more butchered!

  2. b: I have butterscotch morsels, bbq sauce and welches for you. You were supposed to show up and recieve. You’ll now have to wait until i can ship them off.

    M: nein. In SF its more like please don’t let my bum remain virgin. I can’t take the shame. I’m okay with the ie/ei stuff. I have a problem with the sch.

    H: should have been there, but then again, sparky and i could have given you a ride, your so close. Next time we’ll organize that part better.

    J: Thanks. it was decent. I mess up my dürfen, möchten, könnens. I just don’t understand the rules. and other than eating my cats (Ich muss meine Katzen fressen) I think I did okay.

    C: only markus. Markus knows ALL about Boppes.

  3. do you always put “u” before “r” as well?? i have so much to catch up on. must keep reading.

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