Nation of Procrasti

So, I took the test. I’ll find out if I move on to GKII Monday. I totally effed up the “may I can I, should I”-part. The rules don’t translate to my brain very well. The whole „möchten, mögen, dürften, können“-thing.

I totally understand wollen (to want). I got that Dooown. I aced plurals: 2 Busse, 4 Kinder. I aced the conjugation part too. I so know how to conjugate.

I did make a mistake in the essay part. I meant to say “Ich muss meine Katzen füttern.” In English, “I must feed my cats.”

What I wrote is “Ich muss meine Katzen fressen.”

Apparently in German, I said, “I must eat my cats”, but the word fressen is used when animals eat. I added a dimension of barbaric savagery. Like I eat my cats raw and tear them apart with my sharp teeth.

Flash forward: Me on my hands and knees, head bent low. Poor Cleo with her innards ripped apart, blood and guts all over my face, grunting, slurping, growling from deep in my throat. The other two cats, looking on in horror, wonder if Cleo pissed outside the box again.

So at this point, I’m wondering if I should admit my mistake to my teachers or boldly stand in defense.

“Yes, I savagely eat my cats. It keeps me from savagely eating people, like Deutsch teachers who don’t pass me to the next level.”

So, more on the cat eater Monday.

Now, some business to discuss.

I updated my links via Blogroll. I had failed to do this for so long that a lot of new favorites had been ignored. I hadn’t signed up for Blogroll, so adding links was a total chore.

So, browse and enjoy. If your link isn’t there and you want it there, email me. If your link is there and you don’t want it there, email me.

Next Item: I want to update this blog. I’m tired of this old template and would like a new one. Other than Blogger, where can I find something pretty?

This is called procrastination.

I have NaNoWriMo starting Tuesday and I’m so behind in my research and outlines. I got up early to do stuff and so far I’ve made a cup of coffee, found the first cup physically smaller than my dirty favorite cup. Washed favorite, and cleaned the kitchen because it was impossible to find a single mug without cleaning the kitchen. I threw in a load of laundry and cleaned the cat box. I fed and watered the cats. The cats are now sleeping comfortably on our heated window seats. I called my sister. Talked to her for a while. Then researched cashmere sweaters. Christmas is coming. Miranda has decided to try cashmere for the very first time. I’m so proud.

I did my blogroll and cleaned up my desk. I changed my clothes because I needed the warm sweat pants as opposed to the warmish sweat pants. Added a sweater, removed the sweater. Put on one pair of slippers, remembered they were my midwinter slippers to be saved until my current pair stink so bad that I need a new pair. I suffer from slipper stink. Well, I don’t suffer, Sparky suffers. I try to mitigate long-term odor with a mid-winter switch.

I opened my word file, read a paragraph then wrote this blog entry. Its now 9 am and I’ve been up since 5 am. I write better in the dark when I can’t see or hear distractions. Now its light and the day has begun and I’ve done nothing. I’m going to go now before this becomes long and boring.

I think the red room needs dusting…


9 thoughts on “Nation of Procrasti

  1. The top of your Blog is filled with letters and numbers and characters, as if there was some sort of data crash that hasn’t yet migrated down the page… Could just be my computer but I thought you might want to check it out …

    Please don’t eat your cats.

    Peace …

  2. If you change your template, make sure you back it up first otherwise you’ll lose all your settings.

    berlinbound, it looks fine on my computer.

  3. Hi, I see you’ve just made some changes to your template. And! Your blog is no longer “styled” in IE browsers. Which means we’re looking at a text file as berlinbound notes above.

    Just so’s you know.

  4. Okay, Prarie girl. That last fix messed up the blogger bar at the top. So i tried to fix it the Blogger way and it messed up even more. So I’ve gone back to the original setting (blogger navbar is still messed up) and sparky and I are trying to change the template for real today.

    I’ve copied this template. Another fabu idea, J. Pretty soon I’m gonna owe you lunch or something.

  5. Ah, the blog, she is fixed! I was wondering what that stuff at the top was. I’m sure you’ll have it sorted out in no time.

    “Ich muss meine Katzen fressen.” is a perfectly legitimate sentence, grammar-wise. You get ten extra points for creativitiy.

    Also? I thought *I* was the the founder of the stinky slipper brigade.

  6. Template manoeuvers are difficult! I think you are missing an ending style tag. It belongs right after this:

    #footer p {

  7. Hmm–got a recipe–there have been days with our furry duo when I would have gladly stewed them! 🙂

    This reminds me of an old Kliban cartoon with a guy singing:

    “My cat is fat, so now I’ll dine, and eat up all this cat of mine!”

    And look on the bright side–that’s one word you’ll NEVER forget again!!

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