Taaa Daaa

Sparky spent all day making this new and improved template.  Isn’t he the best husband in the world?

The goat…  the goat is an escape goat.  I’ll write more on him later, but all of us ex-pats have one.  Its what pulled us along from the comfort/discomfort of our native cities and countries.  Sometimes they had to pull hard to get us to move and sometimes they just had to show us where to step.  In any case, we can always blame our escape goat for leading us where we are today.

So, I hope you enjoy the new look.  

And a big Hip Hip Hurray for Sparky and his magic.


16 thoughts on “Taaa Daaa

  1. Absolutely Super!

    Everything seems to work just fine. Love the goat.

    And I love your tales of Volkshochshuletage. Keep ’em coming Jen.

  2. Okay I probably buggered up that word Volkshoch … but you know what I mean 🙂

    I really appreciate that you’ve added my site as a link in your side bar, I just wonder could you please though spell it “Prairie”, LOL.


  3. okay, fixed Prairie. It still looks wrong to me, but lately a lot of english words have been looking a bit off.

    more schule stories to come. we’ll see if i passed the first class or if I’m back in with the boneheads.

  4. Oooh, this is really nice! I love green. And goats.

    Believe me, there are boneheads at EVERY class level. You can’t get away from them. But you will rise above them and become one with the language that tortures you so.

  5. Hey Preussenmann,

    Ich muss noch das Top-Visual durchdesignen, ist erst mal ‘ne Notlösung ;). Da muss noch ein richtiger Horizont und eine Übergang von San Francisco nach Darmstadt-Eberstadt rein, aber das war mir gestern Nacht zu komplex :).

    – m.

  6. Luvvvv the escape goat idea! I think I have one chewing my laundry somewhere 🙂
    Kim (in Albania)
    PS I’ve linked to you so I’ll be back again.

  7. The goat bridges the gap between both your worlds, or so othe masthead would lead us to believe.

    and I love the new place…spiffy and green 😀

  8. WOW ! The site looks great ! 🙂 Obviously I need to go on holidays more often as so much gets done when I am not around ! 😛

  9. Sparky, it looks like green grass or Astroturf on my screen. And the goat is evidently keeping it well trimmed!

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