The good doctor(not the butcher) called late to let me know there is no carcinoma.

That’s it. No more risks for me. No more swimming with sharks, no more homes in hurricane zones, no more vacations surfing tsunamis. I’m going to move somewhere safe, with few natural disasters, moderate climate and only occassional lightning storms as to not tempt fate with too perfect an environ.


13 thoughts on “Update

  1. glad to hear everything’s alright! 🙂

    Tell me where’s this 100% safe place? Haven’t found it yet. Think of you going out and a tile falling on your head…this can happen everywhere…

  2. still pagan, sorry hayzeus.

    J: yeah, true. Without me it would be 24/7 Kylie and eventually in say 6-7 years, that would make sparky a very sad man indeed.

    N: I save my freak outs for big things. Germany is rather safe in the whole natural disater thing.

    Sparky, are you forgetting our early morning/afternoon/evening/late night prayer sessions? If calling on god or jesus makes one christian, we are right up there with Pat Robertson and G.W.

  3. Yay! You must be so relieved. I know I am.

    You’re right, the only natural disaster that could happen in Germany is that you’d eventually be bored to death.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. EXCELLENT news ! *bounce*

    Wish I knew where you could swim without sharks save for your own pool .. especially here in AUS !

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