Idiot Husband: Oxymoron? *Guest post by Sparky*

From Sparky

Jen (also affectionately known as “cupcake”) and I are proud to present “Sparky Dance”. This video of a totally pussywhipped husband making a fool out of himself is HILARIOUS… we think. Also, we had promised it about a month ago and failed to deliver so far.

The video is also turned by 90°, a feature we want to make a series of. Look forward to a video of cupcake in the same format, but without the nudity. It might take another month to post it.

And now, without further ado, the video (Click on the picture to download or watch online).

With dancing greetings,

– Sparky


So I come home from school and find my blog had been shang hai’d by my ever-so-whipped-more-like-exhibitionist-husband. Enjoy the show because he has caught nothing but hell for it and someone might as well enjoy it.

Oh, and there will be NO videos of me. There is only room for one Paris Hilton in a marriage.



20 thoughts on “Idiot Husband: Oxymoron? *Guest post by Sparky*

  1. You are REALLY PUSSYWHIPPED, Alder! Ich sach nur: Miracle Pussywhipped, jetzt ganz neu und lecka cremich!

    I will send it to all my affiliates!

  2. so not happening. I love being silly and have no problem goofing off, but not on film.

    Tanzt, Glanz, Tanzt!

  3. You’re a commie?
    Man, I need to go to the Politics forum more often… you lefties seem to multiply when unsupervised ;).

    – Sparky, heartless Libertarian

  4. @Sparky: Relax, i’m not as bad as you think. I could verbose in the forum… if you care enough.

    TobiasTheCommie from JREF forum.

  5. Tobias: Down boy, down. He’s not gay, he’s euro.

    PG: Totally. It’s all i can do to keep him from refering to himself in the third person. Its hard, but i manage to keep him in check, mostly.

  6. @Jen: Neither am i, as am i.

    That is, gay and euro respectively.

    TobiasTheCommie from JREF forum.

  7. I’ll never buy post-its again!

    I like the CCW rotation. It makes the jewels look like they defy gravity.

    which of course, is a good thing.

    Ah well, back to my butterbrot with sausage.

  8. OH MY GOD! Hahahahahaaaaaa! You owe me a new keyboard ’cause I just spit my tea all over this one.

    Yes, Sparky is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more nicer than Paris Hilton!

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