The Bird That Came for Dinner

T-day is here and I’m skipping it. Doing my bird on Sunday when I can relax. Have invited Mutti, her sister and a friend over to taste real live apple pie, American style.

Small bird this year. Not Birdzilla, more like Birdzilina. His name is Frank. No relation to any Franks we know, its just the name that came to mind when I brought him home. I should probably stop naming my food as it becomes harder and harder to eat friends.

Off to class.


5 thoughts on “The Bird That Came for Dinner

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jen and Sparky! Having the turkey on Sunday is a GOOD THING. Did you buy one of those “Baby-Pute”?

    Good luck with your test!

  2. HI J and Christina – thanks for the good wishes! What are you doing today? And Christina: What do you do on Sunday?

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