Feline Freitag

J intoduced me to Pratt Pratt and Pratt does Monday Bunday. I decided to follow suite with Feline Freitag.

Today’s guest star is Fin. To your left is his face when I was trying to take a picture of him and he was way more interested in the camera. To the right,is his usual position when I’m not looking. My keyboard gets really warm. No better place in the world to clean one’s bum, I guess. Damn cat.

Now, in other news… Prairie Girl and Mausi saved my behind. I had my test today and I think I passed. I did sing a little song. aus-bei-mit naaaaach seit-von-zu. It sounds like chinese food if you say it really fast.

Thanks, you guys. Your clarifications really saved my behind and scuttled me into GKIII.

Its so cold here today, Sparky and I finally turned on the heaters. We were trying to make it to December, but its just too damn cold. The snow stuck last night.

Yesterday it was autumn still. Today it’s winter. I love having seasons. And I love the snow. I LOVE THE SNOW. Sparky and I had our first quasi snowball fight. It turned out as it usually does. I throw way off and Sparky doesn’t. I end up with cold hands and snow in my ears. Still, nothing like it.

Froher Feline Freitag to all.


10 thoughts on “Feline Freitag

  1. You evil woman! Now we’ll soon have to read blogs that have:

    Tortuous Tuesday
    Wombat Wednesday
    Tarantula Thursday
    Snake Saturday
    Sloth Sunday

    I don’t have that much time to read blogs…lol

  2. Feline Friday – yes! Fin is adorable, even when he’s cleaning his bum (WHY do they do that so much??) I think I have a gratuitous cat picture or tow hanging around. Might post them some time.

    And way to go on your test!! I knew you could do it. Once you master those prepostions, you’re halfway there.

  3. J: its your fault.
    C: You have no idea how much you helped me. thanks.
    I think fin is the devil monster. he’s such a terror, but he is so sweet.
    P: No prob. Thanks for Monday Bunday. I love it.

  4. Hey!

    Thanks for the thanks 🙂

    My song has a 2nd verse btw:


    I usually just shout that out after the 1st verse.

    And its significance is that there are prepositions that ONLY take an accusative object and they are:

    Bis, Um, Für, Durch, Ohne, Gegen.

    All the other preps are up for grabs 🙂

    Take care dear, glad you aced the test.

  5. speaking of pussy, re: how to clean the fleshlight.

    The “flesh” portion is apparently removable/interchangeable and you just plop that in your dishwasher- or whatever.

    I’m seriously tempted to buy one just as a gag lol

    and congrats on the graduation to the next class 😀

  6. PG: I’m singing these things in my dreams and its totally working in class. Are you by chance a teacher?

    B: thanks. Seriously, the fleshlight appears to be worth hours of entertainment. I mean, not to be gross, but the flesh part is really interesting if your into playing with things. You know, in a normal pick at it sort of way . Its like wax. I can never leave wax alone. AM I clarifying things or making it worse?

  7. I’m so thankful Prairie girl taught me. I’d be so lost without it. And BUF DOG,man. Ruff ruff.

    Prairie girl is the best!

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