Feline Freitag and Liebhabers

Feline Freitag is here again. Today Kiska is the feline of the day. She is a sweet large black girl cat with damaged vocal cords so she squeaks instead of meows. She really is pitch black. Its hard to photograph her because she’s just like a panther. This beast is Markus’ other female. She sleeps next to him at night and prefers to be around Sparky to me.

She’s the quietest cat I’ve ever known. She used to get her butt kicked by my cat Sig, but since he died, she’s really come into her own. With The new kitten, Kiska kicks ass.

So, here’s to Sparky’s girl.

On a different note, I learned a new word this week at school. I actually learned it Monday, so all week, I’ve been using it in example sentences and in my homework. I’ve actually used it everywhere I can. The women in my class think I’m either a total slut or just a very bad wife.

When I came home on Monday, I shared this newfound knowledge with Sparky. He was a bit horrified at what Studio Mondiale teaches its students.

The word?… Liebhaber.

A Liebhaber is a lover, but specifically someone other than your regular partner. So Markus cannot be my liebhaber because he is my Ehemann, husband in English.

I think that’s totally boring. I want a Liebhaber without all the drama(and since I’m pretty much head-over-heels-gaga-in-love with Sparky this might be a problem), but I don’t want an Ehemann, I want a Liebhaber. Ehemann is really not a pretty word. Liebhaber has a bit of an exotic ring. Well, as exotic as German can get, right? Doesn’t a Termin mit mein Liebhaber sound so exciting.

As Vin Diesel is 1. gay and 2. unavailable, Markus has agreed to be both. Not gay and unavailable (Miranda and Jeff, shut your traps), but rather my Ehemann AND my Liebhaber.

My Liebhaber is in München today. I dropped his awesome ass off at the train station this morning at 4 am. This would be a chore if it were my husband, but since it was my Liebhaber, I was more than happy to accomodate his schedule.

What one does for love.


10 thoughts on “Feline Freitag and Liebhabers

  1. shut up! vin is soooooooo not gay.

    OMG is he???

    this is like when I found out Rock Hudson was gay *le sigh*

    Yeah the language of the lover is much more colourful. With your lover/concubine/secretpal you have rendezvous, trysts and all sorts of exotic things.

    You come home to a man in sweats when you’re married.

    LOL although, I can’t say if your Sparks is the sweats kinda guy

  2. I don’t know if he’s really gay. I just figured he was. He’s way too hot for a straight guy. With that voice, oh my, he’s a total panty dropper.

    In my experience that usually indicates a tendancy towards the same sex. Gay men get all the hot guys. Its a teeny tiny compensation for all the other grief gay men have to deal with, i suppose. That and big schlongs. Sorry, that’s another blog.

    I can totally see Vin in gay porn. And it just makes him hotter in my mind.

    Sparky has been known to wear sweats, but he’s got a really nice hintern, so I really don’t mind.

  3. From Daniel Awus
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    Email :daddy_awus96@yahoo.com

    My dear,

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    God bless you.

  4. …and always remember one FACT:
    Vin Diesel IS Daniel Awus! You have to pay attention to that statued fact!

  5. Okay, folks, after musch discussion about a spammer thwarting the the word verification, we found out that Daniel is actually TBWG or grundamann. The link is to a site that catches spambaiters.

    Vin would never spam me. Spank, most definately, but not spam.

  6. Hey Jen, it was no spam, it was art :-)! Don’t be angry, please. I had to post it. To everyone here: don’t give Daniel your money :-)…!

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