Behind these green eyes…

I’ve done nothing all day. The house is a mess, homework is to be done, laundry to be folded. E-mails to return. I’ve slept, I read, I slept some more. The next two weeks are promising to be murderous and I figured today was my only chance to veg and conquer the cold that has been threatening me for the last week.

I finished my Christmas shopping. My sister and I shopped together over the last two days, comparing notes, suggesting stores, colors and sizes. Comparing credit card totals. I even put together a spreadsheet with purchases, totals and order numbers.

Yes, Mim is still in Cali. Yes, I’m still in Boweltown.

Ah, the age of Internet is a golden one. She and I talk morning and night. Hers and mine. We surf together, shopping at one place and then another. It is so much fun. And I didn’t have to scream at a single salesperson or threaten to slit my wrists if I was forced into another packed shopping mall.

So we’re done! Both of us. If you have not e-mailed either one of us a Christmas list, you’re SOL. You’re done, toast, finis, fertig. You’ll have to fake happy on Christmas morning.

Jeff managed to get us his list.

The siblings are planning a trip to Ireland in the spring and Jeff has decided economy class is beneath him. Life behind the blue curtain is just too, too cruel. So a business class ticket is first on his list. He’s terrified of flying. And he’s afraid of heights. A 12 hr flight is really not his idea of a good time. Mim and I have guilted him into this trip, so maybe we could donate to the BC fund. Probably not, though.

Here’s a typical missive from Jeff:

What I want for Christmas…

What would REALLY like for Christmas is for everyone who loves me to put their money together and help me buy a round trip BUSINESS class ticket to Frankfurt, if I’m going to die I at least want to be comfortable and intoxicated during the fiery plummet to earth. Seeing as how I doubt that will happen I am trying to compile some sort of list to keep the lions at bay and this is what I have come up with:

Medieval Total War Battle Collection
-Gift Certificates-

There, my part is done, now if any of you would like to presents this year you will return the favor and send me a list. Now, please I know you all love me very very much and would happily buy me everything on my list and more but please, I have no need for duplicates so stay in touch with each other to avoid me having to act happy with the same thing twice. Thank you so much my adoring family.

-Original Treasure

And after all that work, He’s not getting a damn thing on the list.

On a different note, I have been listening to one particular song for the last five days. I wouldn’t say I have a horrible taste in music. Others might, but I think I’m eclectic in my choices. Right now, its Kelly Clarkson. Last week it was Wolfsheim. The week before it was Richard Thompson.

I use headphones when I’m sitting at my desk. I usually need to concentrate when sitting down. I have ADD or some other over-used ailment that gives my lack of attention span an excuse. With headphones, the part of my brain that grows bored with verbs and/or taxes is busy singing. It doesn’t work with music just playing in the room; I need the music funneled directly into my brain. Loudly. Only then can the rest of my brain can function without interference.

Unfortunately, my fabu noise-reduction headphones broke when I tried to see if they would fit over my boobs (they didn’t). Since then, I’ve tied the right ear part on with a ribbon. The problem with this is that since they don’t fit perfectly anymore, Sparky can hear the music too. And as I like it loud, he’s experiencing Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” right along with me and my air drums. Occasionally I’ll bust out with actual singing.

I say singing, but it’s usually just a long held note that I really have no business trying to reach “again and again and a AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Or maybe a line with a lot of emotion “How come I never hear you say, I just want to be with you”. This is usually accompanied with finger pointing.

Sparky’s ears are bleeding right now and all I can say is…

I’m so movin’ on, yeah, yeah
Thanks to you, now I get, I get what I want
Since u been gone…


8 thoughts on “Behind these green eyes…

  1. That’s why i don’t go to stores. I hat them at christmas time. Its cold, so you bundle up, then you get in the store and sweat bullets. craziness.

    who needs to ‘know’ how to sing? I knew Sparky and i were compatible when i had no trouble actually singing with songs rather than lip-synching in the car. Now he’s a very sad sparky.

  2. Yeah, I like that song, too. I watched Kelly Clarkson on American Idol the whole season. I didn’t really want her to win, but oh well, she did and now I listen that song on my iPod every day…I am going to probably have to listen to music while studying German, too. AND I will need to disconnect the internet because I am easily distracted as well…

  3. Took me until this very second to notice that your goat is wearing a Santa hat and walking on snow!

  4. I am totally with you on not going to some packed mall. Customer service here is already bad when the staff AREN’T stressed I refuse to aggrevate myself further.

    Your siblings are adoreable btw 🙂 It’s like a fox farm with all that red hair in your family :oP

    and I love that Kelly Clarkson song- personally I find her to be much better than all the other teeny acts because she can actually sing.

    My “constantly on replay” song this week has been The Bloodhound Gang’s Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

    It cracks me up.

    Hope you’re well missy!

  5. just wanted to report that right after I posted my comment, the Kelly Clarkson song came on from my playlist

    singing loudly and out of tune of course!

  6. And yeah, B, it really is amazing with all that red hair. and by the way, jeff and mim have different dad’s. Mim was the product of my mom’s second marriage. So Jeff and I have the same parents and look totally different (until we open our mouths) And Mim and Jeff are simply twins, just born 10 years apart.

    I love those two so freakin’ much. I miss them more than i ever thought possible. And we talk every day, but its not the same as being in the same room.

    Jeff is so funny. Between the three of us, we are usually in pain from laughing so much. As siblings, we just have the same language. Its hard to explain to only children. Its something i would never trade in a million years.

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