Der Grosse Vogel isst meine Cabeza!

I’ve been a busy girl these last few days. Between school and getting ready for my trip, I’m going a little crazy.

I had a dream the other night.  I was in a jungle or a rainforest.  I was walking around trying to find my way when I met a very big bird.  He looked a little like a Toucan, but his beak opened really, really wide.

The bird kept saying “Cabeza, Cabeza…  Cabeza, Cabeza.”

I liked the bird; I thought he was quite sweet.  For some reason, in my dream, I though cabeza meant melon.  I thought the bird wanted to eat some melon.  So I suggested to someone around me (I have no idea who this person was, didn’t see a face) to get the sweet bird some melon.

The bird promptly ate my head.

I ran around, headless, but still able to think and see.  I kept repeating to myself, “ Der grosse Vogel isst meine Cabeza!!  Der grosse Vogel isst meine Cabeza!!  Cuatro cervesas, por favor.  Das ist muy importante, bitteschön!!“  Then I woke up.

I think I might be accessing that language part of my brain and my high school and college Spanish is coming back to me.

What would you call that Spangdeutsch?

Sparky bought me the new Robbie Williams today.  He says its because he loves me and wanted me to have a treat.  I think he is really, really tired of Kelly Clarkson.


6 thoughts on “Der Grosse Vogel isst meine Cabeza!

  1. BTW:

    I’m totally NOT tired of Kelly Clarkson. I think I will play that CD in the car today while I’m doing my stuff.

    – sparky

  2. I failed at many languages before german, and in the process of learning it, when I was searching for a word, all my spanish, french and gaelic came tumbling out. Any word would do as long as it wasn’t english. I was speaking in salad.

    your brain is reprogramming itself. at least you get cool dreams out of it.

  3. It’s supposed to be a milestone when one starts to dream in a foreign language. I think (aside from the bits of Spanish) that your brain is resigning itself to really learning German.

    You’ll ace the test!

  4. I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed.

    I think my brain has finally cracked open a bit. so lets hope. I’m really starting to “get” the whole dative accusative thing. now all i need is der die das on my nouns so my entire sentance isn’t wrong. i hate that part.

    and i would be lost without my songs.

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