Feline Freitag – Peanuts

Feline Freitag – Todays theme “Peanuts” Cleo started this trend with her love of peanuts. Fin followed. Both cats jumped in by their own will. Cleo jumped out, but Fin played for a while. Kiska doesn’t like boxes or peanuts or really anything but Sparky. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder today carrying the cats to the vets office. I can no longer lift my right arm. I guess its time Cleo lost weight. Cleo response,”Et Tu Brute”.

The count down to lift off has begun. This time next week, I will be five hours away from San Francisco. I don’t have a food list this time. I don’t even have a shopping list. I just can’t wait to see the wondertwins and hang out. They even got a cleaning lady to come twice before I arrive. This means I won’t have to clean the bathroom before I shower after a 12 hr flight.

It also means I will have taken the GKIII test and either passed or failed. This time next week, I probably will not care as I will be three sheets to the wind off of NightQyl in a feeble attempt to sleep in peasant class.

We still don’t have a cat sitter and I’m getting really really worried. A neighbor offered to scoop the poop and feet the little guys, but its an awful lot of work for a really long time. I would hate to impose. Our last resort is guesting them at a katzen house. I don’t want to do that, but man, its better than starving.

Anyone want to house sit and play with kitties?


10 thoughts on “Feline Freitag – Peanuts

  1. awww, cute kitty pics! I’d offer to catsit for a week the week before I leave, but the commute would be too long.

  2. thanks J. I wish you could. The kitties like you and would like you more if you hung out more often!

    what is it about cats? My cats never come out for strangers who LIKE cats, usually only for those who HATE them.

  3. Aww, just look at Finn’s little head sticking out there!

    Hope you find someone decent to look after them.

  4. If they were dogs I’d be all over that but I’m unfortunately not a cat person. Or cats just aren’t Belinda beings.

    Somehow they know I favour their drooling foes over them.

  5. thanks james and belinda. James, I’m PLANNING on seeing you in sf, MR.

    b – yeah, Finn would totally ba all over you. cleo and kiska couldn’t care less. they just eat and sleep. Finn, well, he needs a bit of attention.

    We found someone, thank god. The local cat hotel would cost almost as much as my roundtrip ticket to SF (3 cats*number of days=exPensive) Not only that, but i didn’t want the poor babies to be in a strange place for that long. I miss them already.

  6. Hi Jen, I thought I left a comment, but it didn’t end up in your comments section. I asked, When do you arrive in SF? We should meet up, have a drink. You can meet my partner Matthias-the German. You’d never know he’s German because his accent is completely gone and his English is better than mine! 🙂

  7. No, I don’t know him, but he’s been harrassing one of my very good friends. I’m linked on her blog and since he can’t get to her anymore, he’s doing what most cowards do on the internet, attack via anonymous comments.

    He’s just a powerless putz. And now his little comment is gone.

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