Wakey-Uppy Little Brother

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a little ritual that I practice when a loved one is sleeping and I want attention or need to wake them up for some reason or another. I do get up before most everyone I know. I can spend hours waiting for people to wake up, so I sing a little song. It’s called “The Wakey-Uppy Song” (click to hear) (I change these stunning and clever lyrics to fit the situation and person.)

Wakey-uppy little brother

Wakey-uppy little brother

Wakey-uppy little brother
The sun is shinning

Wakey-uppy little brother

So, far and wide, I am known for this treasured pastime of joyfully wakening up my sweet siblings. Unfortunately, my sweet siblings do not find this as joyful as I do.

So, why does this matter? Well, Jeff and I made a bet that he would not hang these hooks as he was supposed to do since I got back in September. He is a crack negotiator and got me up to 4 wakey-uppy free days, 2 work days and 2 sleep-in days. He claims they are of his choosing, but I doubt that. I can’t believe I would agree to that, but maybe.

And of course, Mim cannot be a judge as she is a total turncoat.

I required photo proof within MY yesterday.

So they sent it. It’s a horrible picture of the two of them, but its proof nonetheless. They finally hung the hooks. They did it before I got back to the states and Jeff won. As it says on the paper, which they wrote backwards in order for it to be read in the mirror, no Wakey-Uppy song for four days.

I do, however, have a few other songs up my sleeve (click to hear).

My brother’s name is Pokey,
Pokey’s very sleepy
Pokey wakes up slowly
in the morn-ning

Its really quite obnoxious and I keep trying to change it, but it just falls off my tongue this way.

Can you tell I’m an older sister? Jeff says I’m sheisty. I think I’m just very clever.

You have to wake up very early to outwit me. And if you need help, I’m right here.


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