Feline Freitag – Sleeping

Cleo pretty much rules our house. As you can see, she takes my pillow at night. She only does this until I fall asleep, then she moves down to lock my position for the night by sleeping between my knees. Only cat caretakers can understand the contortions one goes through to let a cat continue to sleep while changing positions in the night. Its probably that toxoplasmo parasite in my brain. Cats carry this parasite so they can control the behavior of their caretakers.

Cleo should be very proud, she’s trained me well.

As you read this, Sparky and I are either in the FRA airport or on the plane. I think probably around 11:00 CET, I will be chugging down my contraband bottle of nightqyl. I was thinking of a combo with tylenol PM, but i don’t really want to OD. I hear its really expensive to touchdown in Greenland.

That’s were we’ll be when I hope to be feeling the effects. Flying over Canada is so boring and long. No offense to my Canadian friends, but the little plane on the little map takes FOREVER to move over Canada. If I could just sleep for the entire Canada part and wake up when we’re over Idaho, I would be one happy camper.

I will be positing over the holidays. Hopefully, I’ll get Jeff or Mim to guest post. Sparky’s not allowed as he only posts Kylie and I am so over Kylie. All I ever hear is Kylie this and Kylie that. I don’t ever say “Well, if you love Kylie so much, why don’t you marry her” because Sparky would forget about his American wife and his American vacation and take off for France where Kylie is apparently residing right now.

Lufthansa and United have dropped their maximum baggage weight. This is a problem for me. I usually pack within 1 pound of the max 70 lbs. So, I have no idea what I’m going to do now. Markus said, “Pack less, shop less.”

I’m surprised he wasn’t immediately struck by lightning. I mean, really, that’s blasphemy. Pack less, shop less? What was he thinking? The obvious solution is another suitcase.

So, aufwiedersehen for now. Be safe, chickadees.


15 thoughts on “Feline Freitag – Sleeping

  1. No offense taken! That little plane on the map is my nemesis – I just sit there for hours looking at it, willing it to go faster and it never seems to get past Hudson Bay.

    And the baggage thing is a total drag – we’re going to have to be so careful next time because we always have 8 bags packed to the absolute limit coming back.

    And a smack upside the head for Sparky’s “Pack less, shop less”. I mean, really.

    Have a faboulous time!!!

  2. Wow wow – hope the flight went well. Yes flying over Canada is just so long. But I wished I could stare longer over the summer months when the sunset was never ending and the most incredible colors of the rainbow I had ever seen. Now only if I had my camera with me!

  3. Have a great time at home …

    Why do you have “pooped” next to my blog? I didn’t poop – just changed names now that I’m here!

    And do study – I am preparing for my test (which is Thurday.) I’m happy to have it done before the new year but also excited to start the next course…

    Peace to you and yours …

  4. Whine whine whine!

    Sparky posts about Kylie.
    Flying over Canada is boring.
    Lower baggage weight.

    Whine whine whine!

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one keeping up the Whiney Expat in Germany thing.

    Seriously though, I hope your flight went well and that you both have a fab time in SF. Have a bowl of chili in a sourdough bread bowl for me (sourdough bread = drool!). Take a ride on a cable car for me. In short, have tons of fun and give your family my best.

  5. Oh, and we’ve finally had a few snow showers in Koblenz (nothing has stuck), so Boweltown is probably having a blizzard.

  6. Colognebound, whenever anyone on Jen’s blogroll makes a new post, she poops on us.

    Hmmm…perhaps I should change the wording of that before hitting ‘publish’.

    Or not.

  7. Jen, Email me once you arrive in San Francisco. I am at work everyday this coming week between 8AM and 5 PM Pacific. Once you email me I can then reply with my cell phone number here in San Francisco. I hope we can meet up!

  8. Hope you and Sparky have a fantastic time !! Don’t forget you have the option to ship things home .. even by sea mail is fine cos then 3 months later you get a surprise in the post ! 🙂

    Love the pic of Cleo and Fin cuddled up together 😀

  9. Jen and Sparky,

    Hope you are having a great time in San Francisco and as an American would say “Happy Holidays!”

    Best to both of you for 2006!

  10. Jen, Spark…..
    Cannot wait for you to return, have to show you the new site, it is hot. Call!

    OHMan aka, Michael

  11. From that update from James, looks like you guys met up and had a great time with him for dinner. At least we know some of what you are up to in SF. Oh all that rain.. haha like Vancouver is any different.

  12. Hallo Jen!! I am loving your blog!! I would like to link to it on my blog if it is cool with you. I just moved here to germany from Santa Clara. Heisse Scheisse!! HaHaHa Ive been saying that for years!!

  13. Jen & Sparky, Matt and I are now in Duesseldorf….let us know once you have returned to Germany. Take care, Happy New Year!

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