Brains, Language, Space and Time

This is an interesting article on prepositions and brain functionality. I was searching for help with my temporal prepositions when I found it.

Thinking of prepositions turns brain ‘on’ in different ways

I also need a bit of help with me relative clauses in determining, yes, the same old problem, whether its akkusativ or dativ. So any one with a clue, please let in on it!


4 thoughts on “Brains, Language, Space and Time

  1. Sweetie, I love you and you are a very smart man who I’m sure could teach the world to sing.

    However, you cannot teach your wife german. It endangers your health (read I will want to kill you).

    It endangers my mental health(I feel like an idiot).

    And its very bad for our marriage (it makes me wish I had married that dumb American jock and never had to learn this stupid language).

    Its amazing what one can accomplish when procratinating on homework.

  2. E mail me with some examples and I’ll help ya for sure! It all has to do with the verbs. Or something. I think.

  3. C: Thanks. I’ll get them to you tomorrow. I have 2 weeks until my test, so no need to rush. thank you so much!!

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