Fire Cat

I heard a story somewhere about fire cats. When the sugar cane fields in (Insert tropical island here) needed to be burned down so the next crop could be planted, people would light a cat’s tail on fire and let them go into the fields, thus spreading the fire thoroughly and fast. (Now don’t get all PETA on me,I thought it was an Urban Legend.)

Anyway, Fin has been known as the fire cat around here because of his total disregard for fire. I can’t have lit candles anywhere he might be able to get to because he has no sense of personal safety. Let’s just say I’m not the only one in the house to sniff a lit scented candle.

Well, this morning, our fire cat became a water cat.

The first clue was the swoosh, crash, bang, crash, swoosh, swoosh splat we heard. The second clue was the wet cat crouched on the kitchen rug. The third clue was the copious amount of water all over the house.

As I’ve said before, occasionally Cleo likes to pee just outside the litter box. I put one of those car trunk protector pads under the litter box to catch such accidents and have an extra so I can change them out as needed.

The current under-the-litter-box-cat-pee-protector–pad one was soaking in a Tide with Bleach solution in our bathtub because of a different kind of early morning soaking by Miss Cleo. Fin fell/jumped in. Not liking the warm soapy bath, he jumped out and ran around the house thus dispersing water like fire in a cane field.

The curious thing was Markus’ and my immediate reaction. Sparky dived for towels to save the marble floor and I scooped up Fin. I call it the test of a real cat lover versus the only-like-cats-because-they-cuddle-up-to-you FAKE cat person. He calls it a good team effort. I tell you, those ad men can really put a spin on a story.

I say a real cat person is more concerned for the cat. A Fake cat person jumps to clean up water from the marble floor with total disregard for the poor wet terrorist kitten.

I had an aunt who washed her dishes with Tide because she thought dish soap didn’t get them clean enough. Her son had chronic stomach problems because the detergent never rinsed off the dishes and he’d eat Tide with every meal. I was concerned with washing the Tide out of Fin’s fur before he licked himself sick. Markus was his own form of fire cat running around and going on about marble and water on the walls and the hardwood floors.

For the first time since his Brazilian wax via the sticky rat trap episode, Fin got a bath and is now sleeping peacefully after his traumatic morning. I got 16 scratches,a wet t-shirt, a fluffy kitty and a clean bathroom floor. Markus, well, Markus is the only one still suffering. He’s still polishing non-existent water spots off the marble.


5 thoughts on “Fire Cat

  1. poor lil baby. he looks so pitiful in the picture with the towel.

    Also –

    rubber ducky, you’re the one
    you make my bathtime oh so fun
    rubber ducky, I’m awfully fond of you
    be doo be doo

    And –

    I’m emailing you some pictures.

  2. I love that ducky. He lights up in all different colors once he touches water. Mim gave him to me for x-mas.

    He was a sad little kitten. I felt so bad for the bugger, but he’s just so curious. He gets into everything and cannot leave water alone. He LOVES the bathroom because it has so many different appliances to play in. Sinks, tubs, showers, TOILETS.

  3. Problems with a wet cat and a marble floor, dam! Just wait until your baby comes: the spit up and smell of dirty little diapers: it will be murder!

    Good morning Jen! Still have the CD but Sparks package for his workouts got opened by the military, got the box, empty. sorry. Dam %&*() military! First domestic spying, now opening mail: what will be next, Security papers?

    Papers Please!!! Oh, yes Americans will be carrying papers reminiscent of 1950’s SSSC and DDR by 2008. House republicans are pushing it through but do not call it a security card; it is a Personal Access and Security System that will be used for entrance into government building, hospitals and used as your drivers license and identification. It will contain your SS number, blood information, DNA and finger prints. Welcome to Orwell’s vision of America!

  4. C:It’ll be the latest reality show. New parents, new baby. Add an obsessive-compulsive husband, a messy wife, natural stone and cats. What do you get – Chaos, family style.

    OHM: Sparky is sad. He really wanted that supplement, especially after seeing a sample priced at $80 in Cali. Thank you for being our middle man. I promise, this year, after the book club books are delivered, we’ll not take too much advantage of you! 😉

    How is one hand man going?

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