Boots, courtesy of my brother. They keep my toesi…

Boots, courtesy of my brother. They keep my toesies very, very warm


6 thoughts on “Boots, courtesy of my brother. They keep my toesi…

  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! You got the Ugg!

    Okay. That’s it. I’m getting a pair. I don’t care if I have to get a loan.

  2. Alright, me again. It’s two-fer day in Lisa-ville. I just saw your Uggs, went back and looked at the time when I made my “wishing for boots” post – we were posting about the SAME SHOE at almost the SAME TIME. 0_0 How weird is that. And I SWEAR I didn’t peek. Look at your log.

    We’re having an esp-moment here. I’m having a stirring of special feelings.

  3. It was an ESP moment. 😉 I swear by those boots and my brother must love me because sparky had a coronary over the three different colors of the same shoe thing. Jeff, on the other hand, understands.

    Get the no-name brand, way less expensive and totally the same as long as you get the real sheep skin as opposed to the fake, man-made fibers.

  4. I totally agree !! Though for more selfish reasons since the holder of the name “ugg” is being fought in the Aussie courts at the moment for pinching our word !!

    Ugg boots (or ugly boots) are so comfy and warm ! I once wore them to the theatre without realising they were that comfy 🙂 I had to pull my pants down (a la Paris Hilton style) in order to hide them so I could get in hehehe

  5. JillbyJ: I understand, however, real Uggs are ridiculously overpriced out here.

    That’s Hot!! They are super comfy. I forget exactly how ugly they really are.

    Petro: Oh yes, one of many, one of many.

    BTW, tbwg always freaks me out when i open your link in a new tab. I always forget what the sound is.

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