I complained of blue skies and not a flake of snow on James’ blog. Literally within 10 minutes of that complaint, the skies turned dark and down it came. I love getting what I ask for.

So now it’s a winter wonderland around the mill, the forest and fields covered with a thick blanket of fluffy white stuff. Later the horses will wander in those snow cover fields and it will remind me of a painting. It times like these I love living here.

In San Francisco, I never experienced the quiet that accompanies snow. I feel so bundled and safe, wrapped in it arms. Well, that is, I feel safe while I’m inside or walking in it or throwing snowballs at sparky. I never tire of snowball throwing.

However, driving is a different thing all together. Last night, in the middle of the snowfall, I had to pick up Sparky from the train station. I figured if I followed the main streets, they would have been salted/cleared. They were not.

My car, Gracie, has winter tires. She’s heavy. I can drive it in the snow with only a little trepidation. She’s also in the shop. My car really likes our mechanic. I think she’d like to run away from home and live there. The mechanic won’t allow that because then he’d have to pay for her and she’s a total luxury bitch. A better mistress than wife.

Sparky’s car, Lexi (short for Alexis because at first we couldn’t figure out if she was male or female and didn’t want to give her a complex) is our workhorse. For some god damned reason she doesn’t have her winter shoes on. Our mechanic was supposed to deliver Gracie while we were in Cali and pick up Lexi and install her winter tires. This sounds like fantastic service I know, but we’re tight with our mechanic. We spend so much time with him, delivering one car and picking up the other that at this point, that I’m surprised he hasn’t just moved in with us. In fact, if he moved in with us, it might offset some of the cost of keeping two ridiculously temperamental cars.

So, with Sparky traveling via train all over the country, I’m left with a summer tire shod car. Let me tell you, summer tires + rear wheel drive + summer tires = a nice slalom experience, one not recommended by our insurance company. Lexi has some sort of ability to automatically correct fishtailing. This is nice, but unnerving. Not to mention her taking over brake control. She’s kind of controlling now that I think of it. No wonder Markus loves her so much.

I sent Sparky off to the train station in a taxi because the roads would not have been kind. He’s in Munich today. He was in Hamburg yesterday and Nuremberg earlier this week. This man gets around.

It’s supposed to snow all morning and I would like to enjoy it. God knows it will probably be the last snow of the season. I move to Germany, all excited with the prospect of winter snow only to live in the “balmy” part of Deutschland. “We only get a little snow each year. Ist wunderbar, ja!” my neighbor says to me. Wunderbar?

I want the snow. I love the snow. Snow is new and exciting and cold and soft and fun and well, really cool for a Cali girl. And my brother bought me three pairs of Uggs for Christmas. I’m accessorized.

So this morning, I’m contemplating skipping school in favor of not driving.

Sitting with a cup of coffee and some toast, calm music in the background, cats curled up on heated window seats, clean house, toasty slipper socks and my favorite cashmere cardigan. It’s a good life and a good day.


6 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Jen, the wondertwins were talking and we are wondering how, with your healthy fear of natural disasters, it is possible that you arn’t worried about blizzards and getting snowed in like in the Shinning. Did you know that 10,000 people die a year in snow related accidents.

  2. They just HAD to mention The Shining, didn’t they? 😮

    We got snow too and I was supposed to drive today to go buy a new car radio for the Mr. – at Lidl of all places, but there’s NO way I’m going out in my little car. They said it’s SO slippery out there and there were tons of accidents yesterday. So I will be building a snowman in instead.

    Show us your Uggs!

  3. WT: I’m not worried about it because its my friend. Lightning is not my friend. Tsnumais are not my friend. Zombies are not my friend. Snow, on the other hand is soft and gentle. And i live in an area that is notoriously warm for germany. Its never going to blizzard here. Tsunamis can happen in SF. You should prepare. And we all know that lightning is the underrated killer.

    C: Isn’t the Shining a nice uplifting family movie?

    I’m like kanye west with the twins, my misery is their pleasure. (I hate that KW, btw). It’s all fun and games with natural disaters, but mention one little tiny rope bridge in Ireland and all the fun stops!

    I put up a picture of the boots for yous, lady. they’re not that “cute”, but they look better on and they are soo warm. I highly recommend them.

  4. “Girl stuck in the snow”! Is that from that site? I’ve been getting tons of hits since I put that on my blog.

    VERY cute boots! Are they snow proof?

    And good thing you didn’t go out today. Our street never gets cleared so I never know what the weathers really like unless I go around the corner and check. But why should I do that when I can sit in here where it’s warm? 🙂

  5. yep, its girl stuck in the snow. I think i should do a spoof on it. tomorrow if there is still snow, i think sparky and i will do just that.

    I “impregnated” the boots. Or in boring american terms, i waterproofed them. now they’re good to go!

    Its still snowing right now, so I’m very happy with my descion to stay home.

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