UPDATE: Snow is my friend

Feeling guilty over missing school, I grabbed my coffee and went out into the cold. As I was brushing and scraping my windows, my neighbor got stuck trying to cross our bridge. He warned me of glatt ice, took one look at my tires and suggested I get a different car for snow driving. Apparently, a certain German-made auto is built for speed, not snow.

He got over the bridge, but had to be pushed by the garbage men off our private drive. Good thing it was trash day or he’d still be there.

“Well, hell.” I thought, “I’m already dressed and out here, might as well give it a shot.”

I belted in, turned on the radio, secured my cuppa joe and put it in reverse.

Nothin’. Nothin’ but spinning wheels. Glatt ice under the wheels. Rats!

I called Sparky, he ordered me to stay home and not try and dig myself out.

Now, I never mentioned digging myself out. I had/have no desire to go to school today. There was no way I was digging anything but the nice view from INSIDE.

So I called the school, let them know and now I have my free day.

I went for a little walk because it was so beautiful. Then it started to really come down and the wind picked up. I took some pictures, but I’m not a very good photographer. I need Prairie Girl to really do it justice.

I am so happy to be home today. I feel like I’ve gotten one over on the man.

I love the snow.


5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Snow is my friend

  1. L: I know, i did feel like a rebel. I tend to wreck snow angels when i try to get up.

    J: Snow is awesome if your prepared for it. You would not have had such a bad time if the cars all worked properly and had winter tires. Then you would have been fine, right?

  2. Holey smokers! Thank you for that nice mention. And I think playing hooky is activity enough on a snowy day in Germany 🙂

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