To: Jeff RE: volting

Email from my brother:

I just wanted you to see the lovely little things that our sister leaves for the rest of the household.

I just love corresponding with my family. I feel like I’m right there, you know? And thanks to technology and my bad taste, you can be right there too.

EDIT: Poop has been removed due to popular demand. Please contact me if you would like a copy.


10 thoughts on “To: Jeff RE: volting

  1. I didn’t need to see that.
    After all, I’ve got a 10 year old who doesn’t ALWAYS flush the toilet…..

  2. Jen that was so jeff youknow he never remember to double flush because one doesn’t work on paper hell your lucky if jeff flushes once and and super lucky if he puts the seet down

  3. I can hust imagine the engineers at the Nikon Digital Imagery Focus Group sitting around and asking “But is the tinge of green right? Isn’t that brown blob a bit blurred? This is the future, isn’t it? People around the world can keep in touch instantly, but why the hell didn’t he flush?”

  4. James: Yeah, well, I had nothing else to blog about.

    Haddock. No shit. That would have been way worse.

    Mr. F.: I’m here to serve.

    LL: I know! Miranda poty trained herself at a year, pretty much as soon as she could walk, but she’s never learned to flush.

    Anon: Mim, yes, it does sometimes take a double flush. And Jeff AKA Mondo man can actually stop up the toilet leaving it for the next person to panic, BUUUT, you need to make sure before you leave the bathroom. Take longer washing your hands or something, but that was just nasty and now everyone has seen your poop.

    Lisa: Yep, fun with pictures.

    Rich: Awesome.

    Neill: Seriously, Mim is the smartest of the three of us, yet she had absolutely no awareness of her surroundings. We’re lucky she keeps in the toilet. You should see her eat.

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