Gettin’ High

February 1st marked our 2nd year anniversary of living in our loft. I walked out of Mutti’s house 2 years ago, spent the night in Frankfurt at some hotel, bought an air mattress the next day and moved in. We had one working toilet, no running water, no kitchen, the electricity wasn’t finished, no balconies, nothing. I didn’t care at the time and REALLY didn’t care if Markus came with me. The loft had a temporary front door and a toilet. What else does a girl need? We were a brand new married couple and let me tell you, my mother-in-law is a very nice woman, but no newly married couple should live with the in-laws.

Markus did come with me and we spent the next nine months of our brand new marriage in the company of construction workers, painters, locksmiths and carpenters. Most were privy to much of our newly married uh… behavior because they would start at 6 am. I can’t tell you how many times I walked out of the bedroom to painters hanging off the side of the building in front of our windows.

We had a locksmith who must have thought I was a hot wife he found me in such a compromising position. I had to ask him to leave because he wasn’t going anywhere without being prompted. The guys who installed the mirrors in our bathroom, walked in on my morning bath. I had to ask them to leave also. One was really hot and I thought about just staying in there. I mean after all, Sparky let them in.

Why is this so important? Because today, Feb 3rd 2006 our construction is completed . The painter finished up while I was at school.

Technically, the bedroom walls need to be re-done due to a construction error and the settling of the house, but we are waiting on that for personal reasons that include a TV installation and wires inside the wall so Sparky McPsycho doesn’t have to see the wires. No more wire hangers!!!

I’m totally getting high off the fumes. I think the cats are too. I can barely feel my fingertips anymore. This is the start of my career as a Huffer.

Our home warranty has expired. It’s nice to know the work has been completed.

Well, I took my fourth test in German today. It was really hard. We had two hours to complete it and I used up the entire amount of time. I didn’t even get to double-check my work. It was all composition and sentences. I didn’t get any fill in the blanks. Rats! They were actually testing for comprehension. I’m screwed.

This class was the hardest for me as far as motivation was concerned. I was going to take a month break and then hit the middle courses, but I was told today that I didn’t give the office enough time. So I’m back up on the horse again Monday. I might have to take this last class over again.

According to the German government I should be able to speak German well enough to get a job in two months. I don’t want to laugh at whatever Amt made that decision, but we don’t actually speak very much in class. I can read the shit out of anyone, but unless a potential job requires me to be drunk, I won’t be able to speak. I probably could work a fast food window at MacDonald’s. They get really cool hats and all the Fish Macs a girl’s vascular system could handle.

To celebrate my completion (not yet successful, I find out Monday) of the Beginner’s level with possible movement to Intermediate, Sparky took me to the gym. Yep, that’s what I said. I got to take a hard-ass test and then on to Phys Ed. Golly, if only I could have thrown in some Algebra it would have been a gold-star day. I could barely contain my joy let me tell you.

Technically, Sparky and I made a commitment that 2006 is our year of health. Yeah, he’s healthy and if I’d let him, he’d be at the gym 7 days a week. His part of the commitment is getting my sorry ass to the gym.

I went. I wasn’t happy about it, but I went and I got to use a shower I didn’t have to clean. I guess that’s a plus.

I’m going to go sniff the walls now. Happy Friday.

p.s. The cats are totally high.


10 thoughts on “Gettin’ High

  1. Just wanted to say I’m loving your blog. We’re moving permanently to Dresden, Germany next week… so, naturally, I’ve been devouring any deutsch information I can find. Your blog’s been a goldmine!

    Although, I’m a little freaked out about the egg & toilet shelf (or, as we’ve dubbed it… the ‘shit-shelf’) situation now.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the loft is finally done, although it looked fine to me the two times I’ve been there.

    As far as health goes, one word: Cycling!

  3. Hi Jen! Whats a happnin? I gotta head to Boweltown tomorrow and was wondering if you might want to get a coffee. Let me know if your available and we can shoot shit! Rich

  4. Jen-that’s great that your loft is finished. I am happy for you guys. Good luck with the German. I am about to leave for class right now. I spent a fun weekend in Amsterdam and I cant remember any German. 🙂 More later…

  5. It’s great that you got the loft finished. We still have quite a bit to do at our place 😦
    Happy Anniversey for moving in 🙂

  6. Nuala: They REALLY were. the fumes were strong enough to open two doors and two windows in negative degree weather for 30 minutes. I was worried we would all pass out and die. It would be days before someone came looking.

    Eurotrippin: Thanks. that’s really nice. Good luck on your move. Its scary and you are either brave or dumb as a box of rocks. I was dumb. The shit shelf really grows on you, don’t be afraid. it can be rather enlightening. And just remember, eggs are supposed to be orange.

    J: thanks. Now the big crack in the wall has been repaired and the kitchen has an oil resistant coating. muy better. We still don’t have door knobs on the bathroom, but those are coming. Soon i hope. You’ll have to come by soon. Okay, that cycling thing? Have you seen my ass? cycling is the last thing it wants to do. Also, i like to stop when i want to stop. I don’t want to be stuck 48 miles from home. Treadmills are my torture of choice.

    Mr. Fab: Thanks. and those kitties are high. Fin is anything but mellow. He’s a terror. If we had a way to allow him to be an outside cat, we would. Too much energy.

    Rich: got this too spät. I’ll e-mail you.

    James: Congrats on the wedding. I’m so happy for you. Mondays are always bad for deutsch.

    Haddock: Thanks. I know you understand. If I had to depend on sparky and I to complete the loft, it would NEVER, EVER be finished. Now we just have to furnish it.

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