Suicide Trains

I passed. I am now officially in MittelKurs1, aka MK1

Sparky’s train was cancelled. Another suicide. He has to take a later one that will get him to Frankfurt around midnight. Who knows when he’ll get to Boweltown?

As an aside, those of you who use DB, have you noticed how many suicides are uh… committed on DB train tracks? Do you think it has anything to do with DB? Do we know if people commit hari kari on T-Com property? I think this needs some investigation. It could be why German service is so bad. When customers complain, ummm, here comes a tra—aain.

I met an American today in my school, the first since the poseur. We heard each other’s accent and like a hound en pointe, frozen, sniffing the air. We asked each other simultaneously “Are you American?”

Since neither of us is military, we had much in common. We’ll go out this week for coffee.

I have a raging headache that started oddly enough right after my visit to the gym.

I think I’m allergic. Sparky says one way to battle allergies is by maximum exposure. I think he’s just a mean, mean man.


15 thoughts on “Suicide Trains

  1. Ditto what j-man said.

    Doo yoo know, if you commit suicide by train in Japan (or was it China?), part of the punishment for doing so is your family has to clean the train afterward.

  2. Ouch! Congrats on passing the exam. And yes I know how exciting it is to find someone. Enjoy your time out for coffee!

  3. I honestly think I’m allergic to the gym as well. And do you know what I do when I pretend I have too much homework so that I won’t be hassled for not working out? I indulge in celebrity gossip. I think we talked about it, but here’ s the site in case we didn’t. have fun

  4. Trains, eh? Interesting…

    In Atlanta it’s overpasses. It seems that during one out of every four trips I make up there during the course of the year, somebody has jumped off an overpass to their death, tying up traffic for HOURS…

  5. Congratulations on passing the exam.

    I know exactly what you mean about passive understanding v. actual speaking. Though I used to speak quite well but it’s all gone way downhill since The Boy was born.

  6. Delurking to say:
    1. HeisseScheisse? Best blog name EVER.
    2. Re: “We heard each other’s accent and like a hound en pointe, frozen, sniffing the air.” I recently met a fellow American, a 16 year old exchange student from Maine. The two of us chattered away like we couldn’t get the words out fast enough. I start level A2 today and am hoping for one, just ONE native English speaker in my class! Just one. Ah, to have grown up native English speaking company!
    3. Congrats on MK1!!!

    Thanks for the blgo.

  7. Woohoo, you passed! One step away from fluency.

    I met my English friend F in one of my German classes years ago and we did the same thing, just gravitated toward each other. I could tell she was an English speaker right away. In another course we took, there was an American chick, so the English faction used to always sit together and gab.

    Headache? Dolormin Migräne works every time for me. It really could be an allergy, though. You never know what’s flying around at the gym. Do they disinfect the machines with some heavy duty cleaning stuff?

    And no idea what’s up with all those DB suicides. It’s awful.

  8. Congrats on passing your exam.

    My trains get delayed sometimes due to jumpers. I reckon it’s their last middle finger up to society, by causing maximum annoyance to lots of people.

  9. Thank you, guys.

    J: Thanks. I just e-mailed you. Sunday is a go.

    Lisa: I think that’s a good idea, but it would take too long to id the body, find the family, convince them to bring buckets and dishrags. Sparky would NEVER get back from Hamburg. Or they could put a law on it like shoveling the snow off the walkways in the morning. Body must be removed within 90 minutes of act or some Amt will be notified. hmm, ideas…

    ExT: Its like finding the golden easter egg. Oh coffee with someone who understand my culture. wow, life has changed.

    Dixie: Seriously, I can point out an military Ami pretty quick and its not pretty. Its sad sometimes to think that this is what europe sees as a typical american. Its nice to find one that’s not so obvious.

    Anna: Yep, I hear you sista. We read the superficial religiously. love it. how’s school, bimbo?
    EuroT: Well, public transit is a way of gettign around, its just not quite as reliable as you hear in the states. However, its a totally reliable way of killing yourself.

    Mr. F: Seriously, how long can it take to scrape and hose? Public suicide sucks anyway you look at it. I feel really bad for the bahn drivers. Its not their fault and they have to live with the not being able to stop part. then ther’s the poor guy who had to clean up the mess. Man, don’t get me started or I’ll sound heartless.
    Swissmiss: good to know I’m not the only one. Give me a bier and i can talk your ear off, otherwise, forget it. I cannot access that part of my brain sober and breath at the same time.

    Pam: Thanks for de and lurking. If you say heisse scheisse in class, its bound to get a look from your teacher. I found that only half think its funny. The other half have lectured me on the use of the word scheisse. Congrats on A2. that is eqvilant to my gkII. Did you get your english speaker?

    Christina: seriously, you and Prairie Girl saved my deutsch butt. You guys are the angels on my shoulders giving me tips. Sometimes i hear nuala singing her cheer when i want to cry with frustration. I’ll try the Dolormin. Do i have to get a script from my Dr. or is it just in the apotheke?

    Haddock: Its really is a last FU.

  10. Jen – bring your books when you come up and we can spend time doing grammar exercises! 🙂

    You can get the Dolormin Migräne without a prescription. It’s just tablets with 400mg of ibuprofen, like Advil, but it helps me way better than aspirin or Tylenol or whatever. Good for headaches and aching muscles.

  11. c: Uh, no. we will not speak a WORD of deutsch. it’ll be west coast all th way baby.

    cool, i’ll look for it tomorrow. I’m always getting migraines.

  12. OK, no Deutsch!

    Heh. Today I went into the pharmacy and asked for Dolormin Migräne and right beside it I saw something called Dolormin Extra and ask the gal what the difference was and she said there was none – same packaging, same 400mg tablets and same price. They put ‘migraine’ on it to make people think it will work better. She also sort of implied that migraines were all in ones head, as it were and I told her that was funny because I had tried all the other stuff and this was the only one that had worked. They think they know everything. Pfft.

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