Dancing Queen

Sparky bought me an MP3 player to make my workouts more fun. He made me a workout playlist to go with it.

When “Winner Takes It All” by ABBA comes on, the room goes black. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but then I realized the sparkly lights were from the disco ball… the disco ball in my head. The smells of popcorn and slurpee tell me where I am.

I’m alone in a roller rink. My socks are white and pulled up to my knees. My white old-school roller skates have sparkly red wheels.

When the last “Winner takes it aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll” refrain hits, it’s just me, the skates, the disco ball and a spot light. I spin and spin and spin, singing with Agnetha until the song ends and I gracefully lay down on the rink. Everything goes black as Eminem brings me back to reality.

As this song is timed to play when I’m on the treadmill, it’s really important that I control my urge to spin.

It’s not easy.


10 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Oh, come on! Can you even consider not working out to ‘Today for you, tomorrow for me’ from Rent!

    You go, girl!

    (PS: Speaking of fitness, tell Sparks that I plan on cycling his ass off this summer (weather permitting.)

  2. That’s what Mim does. She rides her bike to the entire Rent sound track.

    I’ll have to purchase the soundtrack.

    N: *wink*wink* right back at ya lady.

  3. i’d find it rather difficult to work out on Eminem music. first of all it’d scare me a bit and then i’d be depressed.
    i can only work out on good-mood music. 😉
    did you ever try “we are the champions” or “final countdown”? i tell you, i’ve never run faster! *lol*

  4. Mim: so mean for such a young girl.

    Nat: I worked out to The final countdown when i was in high school. about 18 years ago and i still love it. germany is the only place on earth one can flip the dial on the radio and always find the final countdown.

  5. ABBA Is fabulous!

    There are better ABBA songs for skating though, aren’t there?

    Dancing Queen, maybe?

    But it’s all good!

  6. Mr. fab: I only have one other ABBA on this mix, Gimme Gimme Gimme. It works with the workout schematic.

  7. Just checked my “Treadmill Playlist” and lo and behold I have one ABBA tune there– “Super Trooper”! There are some great oldies that are just perfect for fast walking/slow jogging. I love Bend Me, Shape Me by The American Breed!

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